What is the Safest SUV?

Volvo XC60 Safest Used Cars for Families

Answering the question of what is the safest SUV that you can buy is one of the most challenging things to do since the definition of safety is entirely different from people to people. There are also best SUV to buy used since they are too pricey when you buy them new. As for the safety in SUV, there is a standardise safety measurements and test that is done to cars before they are mass produced and you can judge yourself whether the vehicle is safe enough for you or not based on the score it gets. Here are some of the most reliable SUV from various size and categories.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 is the answer to the question what is the safest SUV in the small SUV category. You might have seen this car being review by many people and dubbed as one of the best selling cars for this year. One reason why the CX-5 receive such good studies is that it aced every safety tests that given to this car. The base price for this five-passenger car is about twenty-two thousand dollars, but to get the additional safety measurements, buyers have to buy the GT which cost around thirty-three thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Equinox

The safest SUV for the midsize SUV category would be Chevrolet Equinox. Even though Chevrolet Equinox is consider quite old for its class, it is still supposed to be one of the safest midsize SUV around. You can choose the LS trim that equipped with the front wheel drive system for only about twenty-six thousand dollars. However, to get all the safety measurements, you need to buy the four-wheel drive Equinox 2LT that sold about thirty thousand dollars.

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Acura MDX

If you want to have luxury SUV yet still felt safe when you drive around in your car, then the Acura MDX will be the answer to your quest. Aside from being the much-recommended luxury SUV around, Acura MDX also score quite high in the safety test so that it can answer your what is the safest SUV dilemma. You buy the trim that pointedly added the Navigation Package that cost about fifty-two thousand dollars instead of the standard trim of this car. This car and load up to seven passengers and has quite a lot of cargo space.

Volvo XV60

The last of this safest SUV around is the Volvo XV60. This car is also quite large in its build and can carry up to seven-passenger with quite a lot of cargo space. Volvo XC60 also considered as one luxury SUV with its many luxurious features. Since this is a Volvo car, you do not need to pay for a lot to get all the safety measurements equipped with this car. The base for this car is about forty-one thousand dollars and the top line of fifty-five thousand dollars. There are only a few differences in features between the bottom and the topline trims, so whichever you decide to buy does not matter.

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