Types of Car Spray Paint

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At some point in time, our car might get scratched by something, and we inevitably have to repaint the car. If you do not want to waste too much money you can always paint your car by yourself and look for car spray paint yourself. There are several types of spray paint for cars like there are different types of custom car mats. Here are some of them and the consideration for each car paint for self-care painting.

Urethane Car Paint

Urethane car paint is an affordable car spray paint even though not the least expensive. This car paint is standard enough so that it will be easy to find it. Urethane car paints will be able to stay quite long on your car surface even though the final result of using this car paint will have a plastic like an appearance sometimes.

The good thing about this type of paint is that it can paint any kinds of car paint and it will not have any reactions at all, even when it sprayed over lacquer. Urethane paint is very easy to dry once it scattered on your car and it is also known to have excellent durability and will not easily chip or fade. Since urethane is toxic, you will have to wear proper gears so that the toxin will not get into you.

Metallic Car Paint

Another type of car spray paint is the metallic car paint. Metallic paint offers a very excellent paint effect once it is sprayed on your car and dried. This car paint is very suitable for sports cars and muscle car due to the impact it has on the body of the vehicle. This car can also hide ding and scratches on the shape of the car since they are very reflective.

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However, on the other hand, the high reflectiveness of this car will also make any damage done to this car will be very difficult to repair since it is tough to match. There is also an insufficient amount of colour that you can choose available in this paint, and this is also why this type of car paint is costly.

Acrylic Car Paint

If you are looking for durable and robust paint for your car, then this acrylic car spray paint should be your first choice. Acrylic car paint is very easy to apply, and it will also produce an excellent glossy finish when they referred to your car. The acrylic enamel paint type mainly used since it can harden and will form a kind of shell that is very durable.

However, even though the enamel type is very durable, the lacquer type of this car paint will not last as long and is very delicate. When exposed to too much sunlight and chemicals, it will be readily fade, and it can be tough to apply if you are not a professional with experience under your belt.

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