Types of Bike Rack for SUV

How to Install Bike Rack on Car

Types of Bike Rack for SUV, SUVs with 3rd-row seating is a favourite for those who love to spend their weekends doing some nature exploring such as camping and mountain biking. With the amount of equipment needed for camping or mountain biking, the more spacey and heavy-duty large SUV is preferable compared to the smaller compact SUV. One stuff you need to bring a bike to the mountain is the bike rack for SUV so that you can easily carry your bike on your car without having to dismantle it. Here are some types of bike racks that you can get for your SUV.

Hitch Mountain Bike Racks

Hit mount bike racks is one of the most common bike racks for SUV that you can consider getting. If your SUV has a hitch receiver at the back, it will be easier to install the hitch mount to your SUV. However, if your car does not have a hitch receiver, it can still be established efficiently enough so that you can carry your bike at the back.

There also many advantages that you get from having a hitch mount rack for your car. Aside from being portable, it will also enable the user to hitch their bikes without much lifting. There will also be enough room left between the car and the bike so that any damage can minimise. Some rack model also offers extra security measure to ensure the safety of the bike.

Spare Tire Mounts

Another bike rack for SUV that you can consider getting is the spare tire mounts, where you can mount your bike on the additional tire place at the back of your SUV if there is any. With the extra tire mounts, you will not have to go through the hassle of attaching a hitch receiver to your car.

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Spare tire mount is incredibly light as well as compact, so you do not have to worry about any obstruction to the rear door of your car. This bike mounts also does not require any lifting, and it also provides enough room between the vehicle and the bicycle so you should not worry about damage to your bike or car. However, you will be only able to mount up to two bikes at one time since that is just the capacity of the spare tire mount.

Rooftop Bike Rack Mount

Another type of bike rack for SUV that you can consider getting is the rooftop bike rack mount. This rooftop mount is known best for their versatility and allows the owner to carry anything as long as they have the right equipment. Rooftop mount offers very stable mounting, and it will also not get in the way to the back of your vehicle as well as your car plate at the end. When the bike is mounted and secured to the rooftop, it will also not be easily swayed and therefore safer. Even though this bike mount requires lifting, as is also very easy to find tools to assist you in lifting your bikes to the rooftop.

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