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Since nowadays SUV cars are more popular than the sedan model, many manufacturers seem to focus their production on the SUV models. There are also so many small SUV reviews 2015 in the magazine as well as the internet. Our Japanese based car manufacturer, Suzuki also mostly following the global trends and also produce SUV and hatchback cars with various models and trims. There are also some car sedan models that are still built by Suzuki such as the Kizashi model, which also dubbed as the Suzuki sports car. There is also the hatchback Suzuki Swift Sport that also sold in the market.

Suzuki Kizashi

Suzuki Kizashi is a mid-size car that is produced by Suzuki to compete with other midsize cars such as Honda Accord, Mazda6, and Subaru Liberty. The base price for Suzuki Kizashi is about twenty-seven thousand dollars for the Touring trim, thirty-nine thousand dollars for the Sports trim, and thirty-four thousand dollars for the Prestige trim. The first midsize car from Suzuki faced adamant opponent wince the Mazda6, and Subaru Liberty also offers a vehicle which has a better design with competitive price.

Suzuki Kizashi powered by a 2.4-liter VVT four-cylinder engine for all the trims that can produce 131kW or 230 Nm. This engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission that makes up for the power of this car. The exterior design of Suzuki Kizashi is quite elegant with a little tubbiness in some angles. The interior design of Kizashi is better than most of the cars produced by Suzuki. There is also quite a lot of space inside the cabin for the driver, passengers, and the associated cargo.

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Suzuki Swift Sport

Another car that dubbed as Suzuki sports car is Suzuki Swift Sport. Suzuki has produced Suzuki Swift for decades, and the Swift Sports line is like an old looking hatchback that has undergone many improvements to fit today’s standard.

The unique exterior design of Swift Sport will surely make it stand up more in the traffic and parking lot. Combined with the many bright colour choices provided, it is one of a kind car that you can get for yourself. The car powered by a 1.6-liter engine that can produce 134 horsepower. This much horsepower is quite enough for you to be able to cruise the city road.

As for the interior design of Suzuki Swift Sport, even though there is only one trim of this car, it is already equipped with many features that will make your ride quite comfortable. The cabin is well finished, and it provides enough room for four adults including the driver. The three and five doors models both offer practicality, considering the car’s size.

The features equipped with these cars are climate control, Bluetooth, USB port, automatic lights, various safety features, as well as steering wheel mounted audio controls. For an antique looking car, Suzuki Swift Sport is the one affordable car that you can get for city everyday ride. The price for this car is also very affordable, only around twenty-three thousand dollars.

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