Top Mercedes SUV Models to Consider to Have for Adventurous Souls

2015 Mercedes Crossover GLE SUV

Top Mercedes SUV Models to Consider to Have for Adventurous Souls would probably take you somewhere while looking at the gorgeous look and specs. With their motto saying No Cargo Too Precious, No Detail Too Small, Mercedes proves that there is nothing more important than every single detail on their vehicle.

Many of us know that Mercedes widely recognised as one of the best sedan models in the world. With this SUV, they try to combine the sense of off-roader and sedan itself, making you able to look stylish even though you are on the road, adventurous ones. What are the top lists then? Check these out and get ready!

Top Mercedes SUV Models to Consider to Have for Adventurous Souls

  • GLA-Class

It is a real compact SUV with dramatic styling. The look is insanely stylish and drooling. This type has five seats for adults. The trunk capacity is 43.6 cu ft. The price is starting from $32,500. Remember that the cost would be slightly different in different area and zip codes. Wait a minute; you may wonder why it is called dramatic in styling? This dramatic styling refers to the muscular look it has. See and compare with other SUV that might be not as stylish as this.

  • GLC-Class for the Next Compared Vehicle of Mercedes SUV Models

This type has its specification. A quick and capable SUV with an aptitude for adventure that is. You can drive it safe with your family to the mountain or lake, exploring the wilderness with no attachment to the business of the city. This one’s starting from $38,950 with five seats for adults. No regret would be felt right after you have this. Just the opposite. Compare to the GLA Class, GLC Class has a less muscular look but more significant and more extended look.

  • GLE Coupe
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Do you want to feel more adventurous journey? This type is very suitable. This type considered as a pure sports coupe response in a reasonable SUV. Starting at $65,100 and you can grab it fast. This SUV has five seats for adults with 60.7 cu ft for cargo capacity. These Mercedes SUV models look very sporty, a very suitable for young who loves adventure, and doing it stylishly.

  • GL-Class

This one has even more significant seating capacity. With seven seats for adult, this exceptional luxury and road manners starting at $64,550. With a massive role for cargo and seating, you can tag your family or friends along because there is always enough room for them. The cargo capacity is 93.8 cu ft. It may be said to have a perfect combination between road crusher and a model in a road. Lovely!

  • G-Class

The extraordinary off-road ability, handcrafted luxury and iconic style, G-Class then comes. This SUV starts at $119,900. With only five seats for adults, it has 79.5 cu ft for cargo capacity. Enough for everyone to put their bags and stuff inside. This car is the most different of all Mercedes SUV models. It has that look of land crusher that will be ready to have a friendly meeting with mud and lake or even a river. Strong enough, isn’t it? You may also want to compare them with top-rated small SUV just in case you want to shop around!

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