Top Full Size SUVs

Best Large SUV for Families

Top Full-Size SUVs or large SUV is one favourite SUV category that many people are looking. These large size SUV is great for those who have a large family and likes to drive around with them or for someone who has to transport a massive amount of cargo on a regular basis.

There are significant SUVs with an affordable price that is suitable for business use and large SUV with many luxurious features that ensure long journey to be much more enjoyable. Car insurance is also an important matter when choosing a car, whether to select student car insurance for family car insurance. Here are some of the best large SUV of our recommendation.

GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon considered as one of the most affordable full-size SUVs that you can get. The large car also equipped with a potent engine, a standard V8 engine that can produce quite a lot horsepower at the standard model and an even more powerful for the V8 engine that also provides more power. Aside from its spacey interior, GMC Yukon delivers composed handling. The base price for this car started from around forty-eight thousand dollars and ranged up to seventy thousand dollars.

Ford Flex

Another affordable full-size SUVs that you can consider buying is the Ford Flex. Ford Flex has spacious seating and very composed handling. For those who love blocky car design that is popular for cars in the past, the exterior design of this car will suit your taste, making it look like a polished classic SUV.

As for the engine, this car equipped with a V6 engine on the standard trim which is said to be quite powerful. However, the recommended motor is the twin-turbocharged V6 that will make this car accelerate smoothly and efficiently. This car sold with a base price around twenty-nine thousand dollars and range up to forty-nine thousand dollars.

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Cadillac Escalade

If you prefer luxury full-size SUVs over affordable ones, your choice should cast to Cadillac Escalade. As one of the best large luxury SUV, Cadillac Escalade over spacious cabin interior for the driver and passengers. A standard powerful V8 engine is available for all trim levels of this car which paired with a six-speed auto transmission.

The Escalade comes out with a 15/21 mpg mark for city/highway ride for its fuel efficiency test, which is very standard for its class. Aside from the luxurious interior design, the many features installed on its body will also make your ride more enjoyable.

Mercedes GL

Another luxury full-size SUVs that we recommended is the Mercedes GL Class. Many reviewers ranked this car quite high on the list of the best luxury large SUV car this year. It is no wonder since there are just too much luxury features that this car equipped with such as the high-quality interior, decent size of cargo room, and excellent driving dynamics. The standard engine for this car is a turbocharged V6 with options of twin-turbocharged V6 and V8 engines for the upper trims.

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