Tips to Rent an SUV

Cheapest Way To Rent a Car for a Week

When you are on vacation with your family, the need to rent an SUV sometimes is inevitable since it is better to go around the city in a rent six seater vehicles rather than the public transportation. When you are looking for a rental car, you will find many car rentals that offer different types of car with many so-called discounts and special prices. You should not believe these ads just like that since it is possible that some of them are just scam. Here are some tips to look for the best car rentals for you.

Rent Outside the Airport

When you are out to rent an SUV, it is best if you look for a car rental outside the airport area. We know that the price for many things from snacks to taxi fares will be hiked up inside the airport and so car rental fees. Before your arrival at the city you are visiting, you should look for car rentals that are located outside the airport so that you can get cheaper rental fees.

Make an Advance Booking

It is also better that you book a car way before your arrival dates. There are many advantages this action will give you. Since you make a booking, there will be more cars available for you to choose and you will also be able to decide the schedule since there will be plenty of time to make adjustments.

It is possible that the rental fees will be lower than when you book the car very close to your arrival date. Which car rental company you should rent should also be decided for the duration of your renting. It is best to use the service of the well known rental company if you only need it less than a week but it is better to use the local rental company if you are planning to rent more than a week.

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Look for Partner Benefits

You should also check the flier programs and verify the credit card company if there are some partner benefits offered for car rentals. It is possible for a member of the flier programs and a credit company will get discounts and cuts in the car renting fees. However, most of the car company that use this partner benefits are big car rental companies that have many shops nationwide, so it is only useful if you are planning a short-term car renting that is less than a week.

Make Longer Reservation

Sometimes when you are travelling to a city for some reasons, you find that you will need to stay for some extra days. When this happens, you should also need to extend your car renting duration, but it will cost you more than you initially pay. Because of this, it is better to rent an SUV longer than the anticipated time of needing a car since it is always more cheaper and affordable when you return the vehicle early than having to pay extended renting fees.

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