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Small size SUV is getting more and more popular amongst those who prefer to drive their car inside the city and has no plan of ever going on a long journey with many people. Small SUV is also chosen by those who have a small family or because of its affordability.

Since small SUV can also carry a lot more cargo than a sedan, people even choose small SUV for these reasons. Now, many articles are talking about top small SUVs 2015, but never some tips on looking for the right SUV for you. So, here are some tips on choosing small sized SUV that you can do.

Choose the Perfect Base

There are many different kinds of small size SUV that you can choose in the market, but there is two primary type an SUV based on, car-based or truck based. Car-based SUV which is usually called crossover usually offers more car-based features on its bodies such as more comfortable handling and better fuel economy. Meanwhile, truck-based SUV featured more truck associated features such as more substantial body and ability in towing more cargo compared to car-based SUV.

Consider the Price and Market Segment

The size or market segment of SUV cars automatically influence the price of the vehicle itself. Small size SUV divided into compact and subcompact SUV, usually consist of four or five seats for the passengers and one for the driver. The price for many base models for compact and subcompact SUVs are in the twenty thousand dollars mark, and the amount will move up depending on the engine and features installed inside the body of the SUV. There is also the luxury SUV category that you can consider buying which will be featured with many luxurious measurements so that your ride will be more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Engines and Fuel Economy

Drivers and fuel economy are two crucial factors that you need to consider when you are planning to buy small size SUV. Compact and subcompact SUVs usually equipped with four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine. If you are only planning to drive the car around the city, it suggested that you go with the four-cylinder engine since it can save your more fuel even though it is not as powerful as the six cylinders. Meanwhile, consider buying a six-cylinder engine if you often go on a quite long journey since it will give your car more power when driven for long rides.

Safety and Luxury

Other important factors that you should consider when buying small size SUV are its safety and luxury. You should find small SUV with the standard safety features such as antilock brakes, front-seat side airbags, stability control, rearview cameras, and full-length side curtain airbags.

The luxury features should also be included in the calculation since it will also affect the comfort of the car. However, you need to be aware that more luxurious and convenient features will make the car price go up and you need to make sure that you can afford it.

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