The Best 8 Passenger SUV

Best Passenger Van for Large Family

Here are best eight-passenger SUV list that you need to consider when you need large size SUV that able to haul large passenger and ample space. Most of them, it offers the quiet interior, large area and easy handling that perfect for family-friendly transportation.

Best 8 Passenger SUV: Toyota Highlander

This car is a good reason for you to buy Toyota Highlander because this SUV can configure in minivan arrangement and featured with an adequate amount of cargo space. For your safety, Toyota Highlander offer you high safety features.

The engine comes with 2.7lt four cylinders that offer you 185horsepower or use V6 that result in 275horsepower and towing capacity till 5.000 pounds. The optional V6 is available in FWD and AWD but the four cylinders only available in front wheel drive. The fuel efficiency comes with 20/25 mpg city/highway.

It is comfortable for rough roads with button down handling and fun to drive. This car is perfect family SUV that combines interior space, family friendly, reliability and safety. This SUV provides enough cargo space with 83.7 cubic feet although it less from the rival in this segment.

Driver secure speak system that uses a microphone that connects to the stereo speaker to rear seat makes it is easier for the driver to speak with the back passenger.

2015 Nissan Armada

Next best eight-passenger SUV is 2015 Nissan Armada. The standard automatic transmission is available in this SUV. The EPA rate estimated at the 13mpg city/10mpg highway. The engine comes with 5.6 lt four-cylinder engine that results in 317 horsepower.

The 5-speed automatic transmission and 385 lb feet torque deliver smooth riding and handling.  Maximum cargo capacity is available in 97 cubic feet with towing capacity until 6500lbs.  This car makes this car ranked for best SUV with towing capacity.  The price offer with MRSP in $38.410

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Best Compact Luxury SUV

Check the best compact luxury SUV list that will make you able to get practicality and flexibility in small SUV but not sacrifice for the luxurious of sedan prestige. This premium standard living product offers additional utility that becomes the most selling point from this family segment.

The first recommended compact luxury SUV for you is 2015 Lincoln MKC that brings you the dramatic style with Lincoln brand. This car is the first small SUV that improved from this brand that bundle with 2.3lt, the turbocharged Eco-boost 4-cylinder engine that results in 275hp and 300lb feet torque. The optional AWD is available with remote scheduling engine start and climate control that very helpful in cold and heats up the SUV before start riding.

For you who are looking for small luxury sporty SUV, 2014 GMC Terrain is the best option for you. This car offers you the extensive and reliable rock driving experience that becomes the big part of premium segment market. This SUV is deal with Denali Trim SUV that provides unique style inside and out with high-quality leather and material for passenger cabin.

The engine comes with 2.4lt four-cylinder engine that results in you the 182hp and 172lb feet of torque. The optional engine comes with 3.6lt V6 that produces 301 hp and 272lb feet torque with six-speed automatic transmission both engine.

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