Suzuki SX4 Review

2008 Suzuki SX4 Hatchback Review

Suzuki SX4 is one of the most popular Suzuki cars in the United States, and many Suzuki SX4 review said that if you want an affordable value for money car, Suzuki SX4 should be the top of your list. If you prefer a large luxurious car, then you can head over to the review of the Mercedes 7 seater that we also have.

There are two versions for Suzuki SX4, the hatchback type, and the sedan types. The majority of driver prefers cars with sedan design, so there are not that many SX4 hatchbacks running around the road of the United States. This sedan model is given an advantage over the hatchback design.

Suzuki SX4 Specifications

This subcompact car is top-rated especially in the US market since many Americans still prefer sedan as their subcompact cars rather than hatchback models. Aside from the exterior design, there are not that much of a difference between the automobile or the hatchback model of this car, as any Suzuki sX4 review has said. This car powered by a four-cylinder engine that can produce up to 148 horsepower.

This car does not have a perfect fuel efficiency for its class, only about 25/33 mpg in the city and highway test drive. However, this car does have plenty of cargo space in its design, and it is also straightforward to park. There is also an all-wheel-drive option available for this car.

The latest model for this car which produced back in 2013 has a very affordable original price, such as the type of Suzuki car, which is only about fifteen thousand dollars and ranged up to twenty thousand dollars. The very affordable price unfortunately compensated with cheap looking interior design and a noisy powertrain.

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The standard design for this car does not have many features compared to many of its competitor, so if you plan to buy Suzuki SX4, you should buy models other than the standard one. The added features for the upper trims in the sedan and hatchback models are air conditioning, four-speaker sound system, keyless ignition, and entry, as well as cruise control and automatic climate control.

Used SX4 Suzuki

It seems that Suzuki no longer produces the SX4 model and the last production year for this car is in 2013. The average price paid for used Suzuki SX4 is about eleven thousand dollars up to fourteen thousand dollars. Aside from the 2013 used model, there also the older model that can consider.

However, the 2013 model is still the best amongst the SX4 production year since the fuel efficiency has improved and there is also the option of the six-speed transmission that replaces the old five-speed transmission. There is also not much of a change between the 2013 production with the previous year even though the 2012 output undergoes a considerable improvement, adding the standard stability control which previously only available for the upper trim levels.

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