Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara Off Road

The Suzuki Grand Vitara is traditional SUV that compact size and deliver exclusive off-road capability and on-road comfort. From it first launched in the first generation in 1999, it has redesigned and improved with features. Here are some reviews from Suzuki Grand Vitara that partially change improved.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Reviews

In the first generation in range years of 1999 until 2005, the design from Suzuki Grand Vitara is similar to a truck like a chassis with V6 engine power and four-wheel drive with low gear range. In the second generation of Suzuki Grand Vitara in 2005-2013, the design is similar, but it featured with a body structure that mix the car and truck chassis design.

The New Suzuki Grand Vitara 2015

The new Suzuki Grand Vitara 2015 featured with new equipment and the styling revise with variant parts updated into SUV line up.  This vehicle offered in $21.000. The standard gear from Suzuki Grand Vitara comes with satnav, 17inch alloy rims, cruise control, seven airbags and reversing camera.

It has the five-speed manual gearbox in ST0-S variant model and $24,990 for six-speed of auto transmission option. The space saver option makes this car becomes the option for the driver that look for 4×4 SUV with cabin storage. The upright seating position adds the comfortable seating position for an adult.

Best Affordable Large SUV

If you are considering for large SUV, this best large SUV is available at an affordable price that suits with your budget. GMC Yukon is the best option for you. This affordable large SUV promises you the stable handling, deluxe cabin and enough gas mileage that compete well to compare with the competitor. The 2015 standard GMC Yukon comes with V8 engines that produce more acceleration in fast and smooth, and six-speed automatic transmission offer more power when it needs.

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With EPA estimation that results at 16mpg in city and 24 mpg in highway makes this is best for large SUV for gas mileage option. This vehicle also has strong tow capacity with up to 8500-pound tow capacity and best in handling with strong brakes in large SUV market.

Best Luxury Large SUV

If you are considering for large SUV that not only provides you additional space and cargo but also with luxury amenities, this best large luxury SUV is available for you. The best of this massive luxury SUV is Mercedes Benz GL-class that offered in MSRP at $63.000 into $119.000. This premium SUV provides high-quality interior with powerful engine option and smooth riding that makes this car become the most attractive car option in this class.

With the high quality and amenities from this vehicle, this ranked as not only large luxury SUV but also with a third row and crossover SUV rank.  The turbo V6 or optional turbocharged engine in V8 offer your car with more power and diesel model that provide excellent fuel economy and fast acceleration.

The base GGL Class model has EPA estimation at 19/26mpg city/highway that save you much more in gas consumption. The light steering with seven-speed automatic transmission offers smooth riding and well weighted precisely. The brakes also power strong that provide safety guarantee.

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