Suzuki Grand Vitara for Sale

Suzuki Grand Vitara Sports Most Fuel Efficient Midsize SUV

If you are looking for fuel-efficient SUVs, then Suzuki Grand Vitara is the one that you should watch. Grand Vitara is one of the most recommended SUV due to the many standard features that you can get for quite an affordable price. There are many first generations used Suzuki Grand Vitara for sale that produced between 1988 and 2005. The second generation of this Suzuki SUV is quite robust with a combined design of a truck and chassis. Here is more information about Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Features and Specs

The newer generation of Grand Vitara has been renovated regarding look and specifications so that it will be able to compete with today’s SUV cars. The features and specifications of this brand have improved and developed. Grand Vitara featured with many luxurious features that will make the drivers drive quickly and smoothly.

The engine has upgraded to a 2.4 litre four cylinder engine that can produce up to 166 horsepower. There are two options for the transmission of this car, auto and manual transmissions. As for the weigh and the dimension of this car, the newer production of the second generation has a bit lighter compared to its predecessor. All in all, you will not regret looking for Suzuki Grand Vitara for sale.

Interior and Exterior Design

Compared to the first generation of its production, the later Grand Vitara designed according to today’s standard of SUV cars, which is very stylish and curvy. The interior of this car also created and made from high-quality materials that make it look more luxurious and comfortable.

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Aside from the upgrade in materials and looks, Grand Vitara also equipped with many luxurious features that will make long rides more enjoyable and fun. There is the standard entertainment system such as the audio player with LCD monitors.

You will also be able to find that this car has many hidden small storage spaces that can store many things that you will undoubtedly need later. The safety of the driver and passengers are also one of the priorities of this car with the double front airbag as well as the assisted brake system that will make the drive easier and safer.

Car Performance

Performance wise, this car is quite durable and reliable. You will be able to drive it around town quite quickly, especially in the middle of a cold and harsh winter. For those who love going to the camping ground on the weekend, Suzuki Grand Vitara will be able to bring you right up to the camping ground since it is very much ready to tackle any terrain.

All time 4×4 mode will also give power to all four wheels of the car, making it easy to navigate around the harder terrain. The five-speed manual transmission and four-speed auto transmission will provide you with all the power drive that needed on any road you want to tackle.

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