SUV with Good Gas Mileage Highlights

Toyota FT AC Concept Most Fuel Efficient Cars Ever

With the growing demand for vehicles with eco-friendly features, many people now consider buying SUV with good gas mileage. Most SUV comes with small models, and others come in family-sized models. In case you have large a family, consider buying a hybrid SUV would be an excellent choice. Listed below are top SUVs which are great on the gas mileage you can feel. Check them out!

Lexus RX Hybrid

The Lexus RX hybrid launched in 2013. It operates at an astounding 30 mpg with 295 horsepower. But the price is not reasonable somehow. The price starts at around $45,910. With that expensive rate, the features are impressive that worth the price tag for sure.

This 3 row SUV is four-door crossovers that can accommodate up to five people. It also can switch either manual or automatic mode. Furthermore, it also has AWD/ 4×4. Even though the price is quite high, but the facilities and features worth the price as well.

Hyundai Santa Fe

During last decade, Hyundai has tried to make several impacts within the hybrid marketplace. Their vehicles become more eco-friendly and more stylish. The particular Hyundai model runs at 27.5 mpg along with 190 horsepower. This car is an attractive and sleek SUV that offers you comfort along with good gas mileage.

Not only equipped with front-wheel drive, but this SUV model is also featured with all-wheel drive for sure due to an emergency. The four-door features can carry up to five people comfortably. Whether you are going to drive in the city or on out of town, this SUV is a great SUV with good gas mileage of course.

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Honda CR-V

As you know, Honda has known for its affordability along with good gas mileage. Honda has successfully set the bar and moulded what’s to expect from automobile manufacturers. It runs at 27 mpg along with 185 horsepower. It also comes at an affordable price as the price only starts at $22,695. Not only featured with excellent gas mileage, but it is also featured with lots of storage room as it comes with storage compartments and folding seats. This SUV with good gas mileage can carry up to five people with all-wheel drive. If you are on a limited budget, then this SUV is an ultimate choice for you.

Hyundai Tucson GLS

As you know, Hyundai is always on the list when it comes to SUV with good gas mileage as it brings affordability and sleek design. Some specific models operate at 27 miles per gallon along with 176 horsepower. The price starts at $22,595. It features with four-door model along with 6-speed automatic that can carry five people. Also, it’s also available in manual mode. It will be a great solution if you have a limited budget as well.

Ford Edge EcoBoost

As you know, Ford is also classified into hybrid SUV with excellent gas mileage instead. This Ford Edge operated at 25.5 miles per gallon as well as 240 horsepower. The price is at around $28,000 a little bit high than when it compared to other models. This SUV with good gas mileage features 6-speed automatic transmission along with its capability to carry up to five passengers.

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