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Choosing the best SUV with a 3rd row can be very challenging although people can find various manufacturers who offer SUV completed with third-row seating. SUV becomes the vehicle choice for people who want to get power as well as more capability for carrying passengers. Some people consider SUV best gas mileage as the best choice for them, but it is not the consideration which should make. Here are some options for best SUV which come with third-row seating.

SUV with 3rd Row: 2015 Dodge Durango

The very first option of best SUV which comes with third-row seating is the 2015 Dodge Durango. The vehicle which created for providing the smooth dynamic in driving. This capability placed on the top of its function of substantial utility.

The second, as well as the third-row room, have pretty good space so it can be an excellent option for carrying seven passengers. It also comes with the cargo space with 84.5 cubic feet capacity. More importantly, the cargo hides within the interior of the SUV. It comes with a V6 engine which has 3.6 litres fuel capacity, 290 horsepower, and rear wheel drive.

People can also find another engine option of HEMI V8 with 5.7 litres fuel capacity, 360 horsepower, as well as four-wheel drive. All combined with automatic transmission and eight speeds option. There is no question that this car should include in the best list of SUV with 3rd row.

SUV with 3rd Row: 2015 GMC Acadia

In the next list of best SUV with 3rd row, there is 2015 GMC which comes in large size. It can be the big SUV which comes with third-row seating, but when people try to drive it, they can enjoy the full-size sedan driving experience instead of the big truck.

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Compared to its sibling of Chevrolet Traverse, upgraded accommodation can found from this SUV. It comes with the total cargo room which comes with 116 cubic feet measurement. People maybe will experience the back row which is a little bit flat for adults.

People can choose the SUV which comes with the all-wheel drive and front wheel drive versions. The SUV comes with a V6 engine with 3.6 litres which can produce 288 horsepower. Denali trim can be chosen by people who want to drive the SUV with additional luxury.

SUV with 3rd Row: 2015

People can choose 2015 Acura MDX as the alternative to the minivan, but it is not the only reason why this SUV should include in the best SUV with the 3rd-row list. It comes with the interior design which has a spacious feeling when it compared to other crossover products on the market.

The handling is better and sportier. Compared to the previous model, people can find the ride quality which improved in this version. Front wheel drive offered as a standard option, but it can upgrade with all-wheel drive. V6 engine with 3.5 litres fuel capacity, 290 horsepower, and six speeds automatic transmission supports this SUV.

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