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SUV comes in various sizes, the small one, mid-size, and also the big one. The most popular SUV we have in the market included in mid-size SUV. This SUV size is excellent to bring numbers of passengers and sometimes has excellent space of cargo. For those who choose the smaller one, you will find its less fuel economy, but it comes with less space for cargo and passengers. If you now are looking for best SUV for family, this is a list of SUV with a 3rd-row seat that you can choose today.

Hyundai Santa Fe

This SUV can carry for seven passengers at a time. When choosing this, you are faced with two options the four-wheel drive system and also the all-wheel-drive order to meet the need of your off-road ability. This car offers excellent fuel economy. It even is not as higher as what you can find in 4×4 vehicles. This car uses a 6-speed manual transmission with 2.2 litre CRDi diesel engine that will emit 156g/km of CO2.

The towing capacity is great actually. An adult will be more comfortable if you fill the seat with five passengers only for a long journey. For short trip, filling the car with seven passengers is still excellent. All Santa Fe in the market is the same; you will have a 5-year warranty with 20,000-mile service to protect you from problems.

Ford Transit Connect Wagon

This car can be a good alternative for those who are looking for a high capacity car and can be one of the best SUV with the 3rd-row seat to choose today. This Transit Connect Wagon designed for a commercial vehicle which is great to meet all of your needs. With 2.5 litre and four-cylinder engine, it can produce 169 horsepower. Another model offered is the 1.6 litre turbocharged with four-cylinder EcoBoost which will give you additional nine strength. This model comes with better fuel economy.

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Other SUVs

Our next SUVs can be the most dependable SUV we can find in the market. The first car we have is Acura MDX issued in 2015 that comes with price $42,765. This car declared as the best seven-passenger vehicle we find in the world. The consumers give 88 out of 100 for its reliability, safety, handling, and also satisfaction. Acura MDX redesigned, and now this comes with the new design. You have two options, the front-wheel-drive system or the all-wheel-drive system. They come with a V6 engine that can produce 290 horsepower. The customers say that their handling system and suspension are responsive yet athletic enough.

The last best SUV with 3rd-row seat we have today is Nissan Rogue 2015 model that comes with price $22,790. This car called the best fuel efficiency vehicle we have today. The latest design we have is a bit taller, and it also has a broader wheelbase that gives you more space inside. With its capacity that can bring seven passengers and its impressive fuel economy, this car is excellent for a family. The all-independent suspension system is unique to improve handling, while the Nissan’s Active Ride Control enables you to have a smoother ride when passing bumpy roads.

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