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SUV Under 25.000 That You Can Consider that to have a good quality SUV, your budget has to exceed twenty-five thousand and lower than that most of the SUVs are not worth your time at all. While for the most part, this notion is right, there are still many SUV under 25.000 that you can consider buying.

For those who like repairing cars, you can opt for wrecked cars for sale where you can buy vehicles at meager prices, and you can improve them yourself. Here are some high-quality SUV that you can consider buying.

Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento is amongst the top at our SUV under 25.000 list. The price for this car starts from twenty-four thousand, and it is one of the leas fuel efficient on the list. However, Kia Sorento does have a spacious passenger cabin with additional foot space that will make sure the comfort of the passengers.

This car can comfortably carry a family of seven with their cargo, and it is also powerful enough with its V6 engine that can produce about 290 horsepower. The car also equipped with many entertainment systems that will make you9r long journey more fun.

Jeep Cherokee

Another car that is in our SUV under 25.000 that you can consider is the Jeep Cherokee. The price for this car starts from about twenty-two thousand dollars. Jeep Cherokee is the company’s answer to many of its customers that want to have a compact off-road SUV with a sleek yet rugged exterior.

Even though Cherokee is specialized for those who like off-road, the car still equipped with many advanced features that can also make it a very comfortable family car who wants to spend their weekend’s camping.

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Ford Escape

Another one of our recommendation of SUV under 25.000 is the Ford Escape. When first released to the market, Ford Escape immediately catch many of possible buyer’s attention since the exterior design of this car is an excellent improvement over the previous crossover that looks more like a box.

The price for this car starts from twenty-two thousand dollars with different features that you can choose for your taste. This car is an excellent choice for those who love to hang out with friends in the open and always looking for new adventures.

Nissan Rogue

Many people know the brand Nissan Rouge is the one affordable SUV under 25.000 that they can trust either from the specification or price point of view. Even though Nissan is still producing the previous series alongside this new series, the facelift and many improvements done to the all-new series will make people also consider the original series.

What makes the all-new Nissan Rouge desirable to the eyes of the buyers is mainly its fuel efficiency. The addition of the third-row seat also makes Nissan Rouge becomes one of the favorites amongst those who have a big family and loves going on a journey with them.

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