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Honda CR-V Motor Trend SUV of The Year List

Honda for a long time has to take a couple of awards in recent years. Moreover, in this late year, the new Honda vehicle from SUV comes as the best SUV of the year. The fourth generation from Honda CR-V has several developments that make this SUV worth to be the best SUV in this year. It has a marginal rating for the safe pick ranking and here are some stories on how Honda CRV can be the best SUV of the year.

Honda CRV

The first reason why Honda CR-V become the SUV of the year comes from its advancement design. The design from Honda CR-V made with priority in the styling design to compete with other rivals in SUV entry market. It has a staid equally interior design, and ergonomics drew praise at once that offer practicality and stylish. The second benefit is excellent engineering.

The power revisions from the previous one with 2.4lt engine and direct gas injection with horsepower peak at 185 result regular and gentle driving experience. CVT made with excellent rate, and it rates 0-60 time at 8.5 seconds. It has mid-pack class but still sporty. Next is the SUV performance with the intended function as entry SUV that helps the family to haul in everywhere and any weather condition.

Honda CR-V has aggressive tire treads, and their optional AWD handles better with its silt gravel hill in a minimum fuss. The spacious room for legroom and cargo in the second row is perfect for footprint vehicles. Most important is the efficiency rate in this SUV that achieve 26/33MPG city highway that compared 33% better with the latest one.

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Honda CR-V Lack Issues on SUV of the year

As it has superiority feature, there also some features that make this SUV of the year need to consider the buyer if they are willing to buy. The first is the entertainment system that reviled from its knob lacks and unintuitive function and the graphic that not match with another screen.

Some reviews state that it is not fun to watch the touch screen that even smaller from iPad. The energy cons from the fuel efficiency are 130/102 kW-hours-100 miles. However, this will be the best SUV of the year that recommended buying soon with the advanced design and power.

Suzuki sx4 review: Suzuki SX4 Crossover

If you are looking for Suzuki sx4 review, choose Suzuki SX4 crossover that attractive, well equipped and affordable with enjoyable driving experience. You can go anywhere with four-wheel drive as standard trim or S-cross for the stylish and practical car.

This car is available to haul six seater capacity in front and back seat car. There several storage cubbies among the front seats and the folded rear sets make you able to get the additional cargo space. There is a lot of adjustment available in this car.

However, you might not fun with its noise engine when you start the engine acceleration. It has comfortable driving with simple rotary control temperature. However, if you like to connect Bluetooth in your car, this might make you stress with complexity.

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