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SUV with 3rd Row Seating and Best Gas Mileage

If you are looking for SUV best mpg, you will need some reviews and consideration before picking the best one. We’ve listed some used SUVs which are excellent fuel economy, both on the highway or in the city. Moreover, we also recorded some SUVs that will not coast a fortune to own.

Ford Escape (2013-2014)

Even though this SUV recently went on big sale, the Ford Escape’s generation is already available for affordable prices. The average price of a used Ford Escape is a reasonable $20,400. The SUV is also highly efficient, particularly if you opt for the impressive 1.6 litres of turbocharged EcoBoost model, which can return up to thirty-two mpg on the highway and twenty-three miles per gallon. The levels of equipment are also generous compared to used Mercedes SUV which equipped with SYNC system of voice control, radio satellite automatic headlights, audio control of steering wheel.

Honda CR-V (2007-2011)

This SUV car is an excellent choice is you prioritise as mileage and reliability above all. The vehicle was available from 2007 up to 2011, where all models bragged 2.4 litres of the four-cylinder engine which can bring twenty-eight mpg on the highway and twenty-one mpg in the city. The car equipped with optional wheel drive as well as front-wheel drive. The price is becoming the primary reason too as the average cost for 2007 model is about $13,000 and $18,500 for 2011 models.

Hyundai Tucson (2010-2014)

Hyundai Tucson’s second generation came out right in 2010 and remains on sale. The SUV best mpg offers most of you want like reliability, fuel efficiency, a lot of equipment and many others. In fuel economy terms, the car brings out two engines with 2.0 litre of four-cylinder as well as the 2.4 litres. Surprisingly, the car also offers good gas mileage, which can return up to thirty mpg on the highway and twenty-one in the city. For the feature, the GLS models provide generous of equipment level such as audio controls over the steering wheel, Bluetooth connection on the standard items, and also seventeen inches of alloy wheels. It also has affordable price as the average rates at $15,000 for 2010 series.

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Kia Sportage (2011-2014)

The Kia Sportage’s third generation is such an excellent SUV best mpg. The vehicle offers some benefits such as excellent fuel economy, up to twenty-eight on the highway and twenty-one mpg in the city as well as some standard features. It also offers another benefit like higher performance on the SX models which makes a muscular 260 of horsepower but still runs to hit around twenty mpg in the city and twenty-six on the highway. No need to worry about the price as the vehicle goes beyond $16,500.

Mazda CX-5 (2013-2014)

Even though this SUV car is currently released the CX-5 offers two significant benefits if you are on a budget. The cost of 2013 model is at $21,000. The gas mileage is also impressive as it includes a model of wheel-drive-stick-shift. Therefore, you will get a perfect class of twenty-six mpg in the city as well as thirty-five mpg on the highway, makes it as one of SUV best mpg.

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