Small SUV List

Chevy Small SUV List

Choosing this small SUV list will make you able to determine your SUV that combines perfect height, fuel economy, versatile interior, and all-weather capability with friendly parking footprint. Small SUV is the fastest growing segment market that offers many choices, and of the curse, the fuel efficiency that makes you can save your gas and money. The reliability of small SUV list features also becomes the comparison factors when you consider this SUV.

Top Small SUV List Pick: Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is the highest small SUV list scores with top pick rate. This car becomes the best representation for small SUV features need to have with its practicality, easy access, space use, fuel efficiency, perfect visibility, and the safety features. The standard option is all wheel drive with EPA estimated rate at 26mpg overall.

The optional eyesight safety system is highly recommended for you to install because this feature includes the lane departure and forward collisions warning. This SUV offered with base MRSP price at $22.195-$33.095.

Third Row Small SUV List: Nissan Rogue

This car is the only third-row capacity small SUV list that accommodates to 7 passengers. The folded rear seat is spacious and offer additional cargo haul capacity with ample space in the second-row seat and eases accessibility. The engine power comes with 170hp from 2,5lt four-cylinder engine. The overall mpg combine is 24mpg. The smart surround view camera offers a 360-degree perspective that help in parking quarters.

Functionality small SUV list

If you are looking for functional and practical small SUV, you need to consider for Honda CR-v that become the leading in this segment. The dimension and responsive handling system make this SUV easy to park and manoeuvrable with generous cargo space, rear seat room and easy access.

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The main features from this SUV come with power driver seats, standard heated seats, Honda Lane Watch system, forward collision warning, autonomous braking system, cruise control and the new features added is CVT system with the awesome audio system.

Best Affordable Mid Size SUVs

If you are looking for mid-size SUVs that offer you the luxury but still affordable, the option can choose both of Nissan Murano or Toyota Highlander. Nissan Murano improved with a total redesign and provided comfortable ride with high-end cabin and entire fuel economy that compared with its rival. This best two-row midsize SUV that delivers handsome style with solid construction.

The main features are a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, forward collision warning and 360-degree camera system with 8-inch touchscreen.  The automatic CVT system makes this car easy to handling and offer smooth and precise shifts. Toyota Highlander is the other option that comes with similar features compared with Nissan Murano.

Both of them come with a V6 engine and 8-inch touchscreen. For a driver that needs more audio system, Toyota has had better with 12 speaker system while Nissan with nine-speaker Bose speaker system. Driver secure speak system in Toyota makes driver has easy access to speak with a back passenger.

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