Review Mercedes SUV for Sale

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4matic Review

Buying Mercedes SUV for sale is the other and smart option for you who want to feel the luxuries feature of Mercedes Benz vehicles with affordable price. For a long time, Mercedes Benz offers you the full opportunity of their limited cars that suitable for their royal buyers and fanatic driver. Find the match Mercedes SUV for sale that suit with your budget and style.

Mercedes SUV for sale: ML350 CDI Bluetec

The first option for your Mercedes SUV buying is 2013 Mercedes Benz ML350 CDI Bluetec 4×4 that price in $90.888. The Mercedes Benz SUV type that comes with four doors and five-seat passenger. The six-speed automatic transmission offers you the fast changer speed in a smooth ride. The vehicles powered by six-cylinder engine and 3.0lt.  The fuel type is diesel and fuel-efficient is about 7.3L/100km.  The other options Mercedes Benz for sale option if 2008 Mercedes Benz ML320 4Matic. These vehicles offer you the turbo diesel Fairfax and no reserve option. It has an automatic transmission with sunroof, leather seats, and 4WD train. The drive type is all wheel drive and powers with engine 3.0lt V6 diesel DOHC power train turbocharged.

Best Used SUV under 20000: The Compact SUV

When you are looking for used car, the first thing that you need to consider is the car that comes in affordable budget and reliable vehicle. Will make you able to stay have efficient fuel mileage and smooth drive even it is used for years. The best things that you can do when you buy the used SUV purchased the newest car years that suit with your budget and come with the main priority in safety technology development. The compact size SUV makes you have a lot of seating and cargo space on small SUV size. This type of vehicles makes perfect for urban, city home and country. Also, the compact is more affordable rather than the midsize or large size SUV.

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The Affordable Best Used SUV under 20000: Honda CR-V

The Honda CRV offer perfect cargo space and excellent reliability. The Honda CRV provide you with a smooth ride with spacious cabin and interior that makes this car become the best option for family SUV category. The 2011 Honda CRV powered with 180 horsepower with a four-cylinder engine. Much rider complaint about it under power and lack of the more powerful engine. However, this will go with its high-quality features such as interior cloth upholstery seats and high maximum cargo at 72.9 cubic feet. The interior comes with four-speaker stereo and navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, dual-zone climate control and USB port for your entertainment features.

For more reliability and safety riding scores, The Chevrolet Equinox is rank with its high interior design, and plenty space for cargo and passenger seat. The two option engine that comes with 182 horsepower in four-cylinder and 264 horsepower in v6 provides you different riding experience. In this v6 option makes the vehicles move with more authority meanwhile in four-cylinder option makes this car is excellent for a day in the day driving.

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