Most Expensive SUV

Most Expensive Range Rover in the World

If you are wondering the expensive SUV, here are the most expensive SUV car list 2016. SUV car becomes option for you who need big space and capacity with luxury features. They have the different specification and especially budget, so this list will help you to find which the most expensive SUV car you match with your budget.

Most Expensive SUV car: Land Rover Range

The most expensive SUV car that available in market 2016. The vehicle offered in $186.495.00. The cars featured four wheels ABS, distance pacing, intercooler supercharger, driveline traction control, automatic air conditioning and many more additional features that make this vehicle worthy with their precious one. This car is smooth to ride and comfortable with speed from engine V8 to 510 horsepower.

Mercedes Benz M-class

The next most expensive SUV car is Mercedes Benz M-class that provide you standard features of ML63 AMG base, engine V* twin turbo that result in 510 hp,  four-wheel ABS, mounted airbags, curtain, airbag occupancy sensor, 20-inch aluminium wheels, driveline traction control, and integrated navigation system. This car offered with $98.400.00.

Best 7 Seater Vehicles Purchasing Tips

The appearance of 7 seater vehicles purchasing is increasing in general with three rows seat and extra pair seats that very handy and helpful when you need large vehicle capacity. You can choose from a wide choice, the MPV car seven seats, SUV car, estate car or 4×4.  With any type of car that available for the seven-seat vehicle, you need to consider for several factors to choose the right option for your vehicles type purchase. The first thing that you need to find when you purchase your vehicle is who will be your passenger.

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It is important to ask you whether you really need to take seven passengers or not. When the answer is very rare, you can save your cost potentially by choosing five seaters instead. The MPV type has developed to be an essential part of the car market. You can choose the medium size MPV such as Ford Grand C-Max, Mazda 5, Volkswagen Touran, and Peugeot 5008 for recommendation type. You can select Renault Espace, Ford Galaxy, S Max, or VW microbus for larger MPV.

The seven-seater estate car recommended for you who concern into safety legislation with fear facing seat. The Peugeot 308 SW becomes an option with its third-row place, and if you consider for buying the second car, the Mercedes Bens E class can be an option for you. For next car types, this is the most favourites seven seats vehicles sold, the 4×4 and SUV car.

These cars become favourites because it has functional rearmost row seat with compromise ability that flexible and offers additional space. The recommended car for the mid-size model is Hyundai Santa Fe, Mitsubishi Outlander, Kia Sorento and Nissan Qashqai+2. For the full-sized 4×4 vehicle, you can choose Mercedes Benz GL class, Audi Q7, Volvo CX90, Land Rover Defender and Discovery. The next factors that you need to consider are luggage and seating option to get best most expensive SUV car that available for seven-seater.

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