Mercedes Hybrid SUV

Mercedes Benz Hybrid SUV

Mercedes is known all over the world to be the one manufacturer that produced high quality and different luxurious types of car. If you want to look for a more affordable car to buy, you can always see for Suzuki Vitara for sale.

The Mercedes hybrid SUV is one of the many types of the car the company products, and they are quite competitive in the market. There are several different hybrid SUV that Mercedes produced to satisfy its customer’s demands. Here are some of the best SUV that is built by Mercedes.

Mercedes GLA SUV

The Mercedes GLA SUV is the first Mercedes hybrid SUV in this list. There are several models that you can choose with various luxurious features and the price for this hybrid SUV starts from thirty-two thousand dollars. Mercedes cars are known for their powerful engine, and so is this SUV series line.

The base engine for GLA SUV is a 2.0 litre inline four engine that can produce up to 208 horsepower. The other option is 2.0 turbo inline four engine that can provide up to 375 power. As is the norm for all of the cars produced by Mercedes, this GLA SUV series also equipped with many luxurious features that will pamper you during your every drive.

Mercedes GLC SUV

The GLC series is the second Mercedes hybrid SUV in our list. The base price for this series is slightly higher compared to the GLA series, started from about thirty-eight thousand dollars. This midsize SUV is a powerful drive that brings you through any kinds of terrain with style.

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There is two versions of this GLC SUV, manual and automatic transmission that paired with an equally powerful 2.0 litre inline four engine that can produce up to 241 horsepower. This car equipped with all kinds of sophisticated technology such as WiFi transmitter, in-car applications and embrace Connect technology.

Mercedes GLE SUV

Mercedes GLE SUV dubbed as the most innovative Mercedes hybrid SUV that they ever created. It is the evolution of the M class Mercedes car that has produced for more than eighteen years. This new car design equipped with many advanced amenities, an all LED lighting, as well as many options of the engine that powered it.

You can choose between the diesel engine, the plug-in engine, or the hybrid engine all depending on your taste. The price for GLE series starts from around fifty-one thousand dollars.

Mercedes GLE Coupe

If you want to ride a sports car disguised in an SUV car, then the GLE Coupe is the answer to all your need.  The enhance AMG engine is all refined and new, and it also equipped with AMG sports chassis, and you can also navigate around the nine-speed transmission that will make this car very exciting to ride.

Despite the sports chassis and engine, the body of this GLE Coupe designed for five passengers and very similar to the sleek design of many SUV nowadays. The price for this Coupe starts from sixty-five thousand dollars.

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