Mercedes 7 Seater

Mercedes 7 Seater R Class

As is known that, Mercedes is car brands that famous for luxury, high price tag car from German manufacture and comfort.  The Mercedes 7 seater might surprise you for a family that desire for a luxury car for seven passengers that come with luxuries from Mercedes brand manufacture.

Mercedes 7 Seater: M Class 4×4

This car is the midsize Mercedes Benz M class that you can compare with larger GL class, and smaller GLK class, The four-door SUV car that handy for a family car is available with a third-row seat as an optional row. However, for the adult passenger, the place might not give comfortable enough.

Mercedes Benz E Class Estate

For you that desire for sleek design car with beautiful power car from Mercedes that accommodate seven-seaters, you can choose E-class estate. This car offers pleasant drive experience with the excellent and comfortable interior. With high performance on the road, this car gives you the start push button, extreme capacity load, and high fuel efficiency for sizeable seven-seater SUV.

The comfortable and quick pack fold configuration make you can use only one finger to fold the middle row. The 1950 luggage space with automatic boot opening makes you no need struggle anymore with shopping bags. The insulated cabin makes you can drive quiet with noise sound.

Large Mercedes 7 Seater: Mercedes Benz Viano

For you that looking for Mercedes bens seven seaters with practical and economic engines you can choose Mercedes Benz Viano. This flexible seven seater car provide you comfort design features with style and luxury as its Mercedes popularity.

You can turn this seven-seater for eight passengers is the three seats fitted in the rear. The rear seats designed with slide function and available for face positions each other. For increasing your load and space capacity, this rear seats also available for fold function.

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Best SUV Lease Deals

What makes your lease car is best SUV lease ever? The first thing that when you heard contract, most of it is the rate. Here is the cheaper vehicle lease deal that available for you to choose.  You can drive this new car entry with less from $199 per month.

The first that you can choose is 2015 Buick Encore that offered to you in $175 per month for 24-month lease. This car is small and versatile crossover SUV that covers only 20.000 miles use. Next is 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport that offered in $179-$241 permonth/36 month.

This compact SUV that available in AWD in GT trim with $3.731 signing payment. If you are looking for a mainstream sedan, you can choose Korean manufacturer, Hyundai car. Hyundai Sonata SE offers $179 and 4199 cost per month/in a 36month period.

When you find the best deals for SUV, the best thing that you need to consider is not only the lower payment per month, but you also need to think for balance between miles you drive, low payment and low off drive cost. Some lease offers small monthly fee but they ask more for front payment, and some others allow you have low drive off the charge but have a higher monthly payment.

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