Large SUV Comparison

Large Luxury SUV with 3rd Row Seating

For those who love driving around in the city or out of the city with the most comfortable and spacious ride, having a large SUV at hand is like a dream come true. Especially true for those who like to spend times with their friends or families outside of the city, doing some adventure or for those who need to go on business leave often.

Who prefer to comfortably find a parking spot in the city, our compare small SUVs article would be most suitable for you. Driving around a car that can fit in so many cargoes is a unique experience in and of itself. Here is our extensive SUV comparison for you.

Mercedes Benz GL Class

Not only because of its large size but also the many luxurious features installed in this car is in our top of large SUV comparison list. Mercedes Benz GL Class considered as one of the most luxurious large SUV around that you can buy.

This ample SUV offers the most comfortable ride for the passenger and driver with plenty of space inside for people and cargo, and you can drive it through practically any weather. The manufacturer price for this car is between sixty-four thousand dollars and ninety thousand dollars.

Ford Expedition

If you want a large SUV that is more affordable than the Mercedes, then you can consider buying the Ford Expedition. Ford Expedition is a long large SUV that can provide enough space for eight adult people and acres of cargo space associated with that many people.

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This car is powered by 3.5-liter twin turbo V6 engine that can produce 365 horsepower that paired with a six automatic transmission. The manufacturer price for this car is about forty-five thousand dollars up to sixty-five thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe is the one you should buy if you have a boat to tow between your house and the seat or the lake. Aside from having a significant towing capacity, the large SUV is also featured by many safety features that will ensure your safety during long journeys.

This car is powered by a V8 engine that can produce up to 355 horsepower that paired with a six automatic transmission. A rear wheel drive system is standard for this car, and there is also the option of the all-wheel-drive system.

Land Rover Range Rover

Another luxury large SUV comparison in this list is the Land Rover Range Rover. Aside from fulfilling any wish for a luxury car, Range Rover also equipped with an engine that can withstand off-road tracks, just in case the owner also love doing off the road with a luxury car.

This car is powered by the powerful and efficient supercharged V6 engine that can produce up to 340 horsepower. The base price for this large SUV is about eighty-four thousand dollars and ranged up to a hundred and eighty-four thousand dollars.

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