How to do Car Window Repair?

Cheap Window Replacement for Cars

Sometimes it is inevitable to get a crack in your windshield, and you need to repair or even replace it. If the break is not that major, you can do your car window repair by yourself since it is quite easy. All you need to repair your windshield is a bridge style repair kit and a bit of sunlight of UV lamps. With these simple steps, your large or small size SUV or car windshield can be repaired and will look like new.

Set Up the Applicator

The first step you need to do is set up the applicator for your car window repair. Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with how the applicator work before you start loading the resin to it. When you have become familiarised, leave it for now and check your cracked window. If there is no hole in the crack, you might need to make a small hole on the windshield to enable the applicator to work. Check the instruction on how the applicator works and follow it since some applicator has a unique working method.

Load the Resin and Position the Applicator

The next step you need to take is to load the resin with the applicator. Most repair kits equipped with two types of resin, one to fill cracks and another to fill chips. Determine which one needed for your car window repair and load it to the applicator. After that, position the applicator to repair the crack. Cover the suction cup with some lubricant so that it can slide around the windshield and the tip of the applicator on top of the hole or at one end of the cracks.

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Apply the Resin and Seal the Cracks

Next, you need to apply the resin to the cracks or chips. Apply the adhesive according to the instruction of the repair kit you bought. Typically, you need to push the applicator so that the resin will come out and cover the cracks and chips on your windshield. Move the applicator through all the lengths of the break and seal all the damage entirely. You can also fill chips and dents with ticker resin to get better results. When everything filled with resin, cover it with curing tape.

Leave the Resin in the Sun

Finally, leave the resin in the sun or under the UV lamps for about two hours while the adhesive cures the chips and cracks in your car window. You should leave the car alone without opening or drive it around since doing that will only worsen you windshield condition, and it will make you do more car window repair or replace it. Once the resin dried, scrape off the excess adhesive and the curing tape from your windshield using a razor blade. If there are still some cracks visible, you need to cover it with a particular refinishing resin. After that, wipe your windshield clean with glass cleaner.

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