Finding the Right and Right Manual Transmission SUV

All New CX-5 Luxury Cars With Manual Transmission

Hunting an SUV car might require you find the best choice one which is suitable for your need. You need to be that careful on dealing with the full ranges of selections of the SUV cars that will be suitable for you. There will be some differences you might need to deal with including about the transmission. If you love the manual transmission one, surely you need hunting the right manual transmission SUV cars which will be that great for you to choose to fulfil your need. Finding a lot of car review might help you find the best choice ones which can be suitable for your need, including if you need an SUV car with the manual transmission. Reading the car review might be helpful for getting the best choice one.

Subaru Forester Manual Transmission SUV

There are many ideas manual transmission SUV. That is including the Subaru Forester. That becomes one of the best vehicles which have the manual transmission. If you are hunting a manual transmission SUV, it can be one of the ideas for you. For the type of 2.5i, it uses 2.5-L H4 engines which can deliver about 170hp @5800rpm. It uses the all-wheel drivetrain. It is a type of the SUV car which also has the great dynamic of the drive and ride. For the transmission, it uses a six-speed manual, especially for the series of 2.5i and also 2.5i Premium. That will be a good idea too for anyone who loves the great design since it overs the stylish body with the great features and performance.

Honda HR-V Manual Transmission SUV

Besides the SUV car from Subaru, we also can find the manual transmission SUV car from Honda which also listed as one of the best choices. That is especially for 2016 Honda HR-V. It has the size that is quite small since it is a type of crossover with four doors. This Honda manual transmission SUV is offering the 1.8L 4-cylinder VTEC engine for almost all models of the HR-V. It can deliver about 141hp. As like the Subaru Forester cars, HR-V also provides a six-speed manual transmission. That is also available with such the EX and even LX front wheel drive. It also provides the functional standard safety features with like six airbags, ABS brake, and also the control of stability. Also said to be one of the recommended best fuel efficient SUV cars yet.

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Mazda 5 Manual Transmission SUV

When we are talking about the SUV car, and you are interested in buying an SUV car, but you have to find the vehicle which can accommodate more people inside, why don’t you choose the 3-row SUVs?  One of the ideas for the manual transmission 3 row suv is 2014 Mazda 5. That is one of the affordable choice one for such the three row SUV cars. The 2.5L 4cylinder engine can deliver about 157hp. You can find the manual transmission one which you really want to obtain. This SUV is also that affordable since you can get it for not more than $20,000. This can be one of the ideas for the best choice of manual transmission suv for you. For more information and car review, just go on reading on welovecar magazine.

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