Finding the Best Fuel Efficient SUV Cars

Most Fuel Efficient Non Hybrid Cars

Hunting a car means you need to find the best one which is suitable to your need, as like chasing the best fuel efficient SUV. If you want a vehicle which offers simplicity for you to do your mobile activities daily which will also have such the high power, the SUV car might be such a good idea for you. It is a good idea for you finding a lot of car review to help you know much more about the various cars as like for the SUV cars which will be suitable to be chosen. In this year, there are also so many types of SUV cars from various brands as well. Still, for sure you also need to consider a lot of points of the vehicle, as like the fuel consumption, performance, technology, and some other else including the price. Below you will find some ideas for the cars.

Mazda CX5 SUV, One of Best Fuel Efficient SUVs

If you are interested in hunting the best fuel efficient SUV, perhaps you need to know about Mazda CX5 which is said to be one of the best choices of the SUV cars with the best result. This SUV car which offers the 29mpg. For the city, it is about 26, while for highway it is about 35. This vehicle uses the gas 2.0L inline-4 cylinder engine with the DOHC. That offers nearly 155hp. Besides its benefit of having the excellent fuel economy, it also provides the great design and comfort since it gives the roomy cabin with the comfy seating. This car is also really sporty yet stylish with such the small size. The safety of this vehicle is also rated to be that good enough for an SUV car. It means this car can be one of the ideas for safest small SUV.

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Honda CR-V SUV, One of Best Fuel Efficient SUVs

Another idea for best fuel efficient SUV is Honda CR-V SUV. The excellent fuel economy which is about 29mpg, in which about 27 for city and 34 for the highway. That is offered by the engine which used. It uses the 2.4L gas inline-4 cylinder engine with DOHC. That is great to deliver about 185hp which means it is mighty. Another good point about this car besides its fuel economy is about its roomy space which can be great for about five people inside. If you care about the safety, it offers the great features for security and tech.

Nissan Rogue SUV, One of Best Fuel Efficient SUVs

If you are interested in finding the SUV car which used one, you might be able finding SUV for sale by owner, as like for Nissan Rogue which is becoming one of the best SUVs with the best fuel economy feature. That is about 28mpg, which is 26 for city and 33 for the highway. This car uses 2.5: DOHC 4 inline cylinder engine. In addition to the excellent fuel economy, it also offers the high interior with fascinating storages there. There is also the option for third-row seating. That is one of the good choices for the best fuel efficiency.


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