Driving Experience Wiltshire Tracks

Driving Experience Wiltshire Tracks

As one of the big county in the United Kingdom, Wiltshire is a place which has many natural and tourism sites, like Stonehenge, Avebury, Longleat Safari Park, Stourhead, Lacock Abbey, and so on. As a place which has tourist attraction sites, Wiltshire also offers various types of driving Experience. There are six driving tracks which located in Wiltshire.

With these six tracks, there are many Driving experience Wiltshire you can enjoy. Three tracks located in Malmesbury are Colerne Airfield, Hullavington, and Castle Combe. In the border of Wells city and Glastonbury is Bath and West Showground. In the capital city of Wiltshire, Trowbridge, there is a circuit namely Keevil. Last is Thruxton circuit which located in Tidwon city.

Driving experience Wiltshire offers various kind of Supercar driving experience, with different prices and services. Like in Castle Combe circuit, it provides four-seat Sport, it cost around 295-pound sterling, which includes driving the fabulous car for 12 laps.

The customer can also enjoy driving course, for those who want to push Supercar but has not yet know how to make it, as Supercar has different engine system than other ordinary cars. Not only for supercar driving course but their service for driving direction for the regular vehicle. The price range from 90 – 120-pound sterling.

Driving experience Wiltshire also offers single seater driving experience in all of the tracks. In Castle Combe, this offers includes a demo for three laps, analysis for four laps, and experience six laps in Formula Ford, which cost 185-pound sterling.

Other tracks in Wiltshire also offers the same service, but the price might be different, like in Keevil circuit, the price might be a little higher, as the track located in the capital city, Trowbridge. The customer can choose their preferred car type from Lamborghini Gallardo, Ultimate Ferrari, until Supercar Supreme. The customer can book the service beforehand, to see the suitable price and the available services.

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