Driving Experience Wigan, Three Sisters Race Circuit

Driving Experience Wigan, Three Sisters Race Circuit

Driving experience Wigan is related Three Sisters race circuit. It is because Three Sisters Race Circuit is the most famous and the only channel which is available in Wigan, United Kingdom. In Three Sister Race circuit, there are a many services offers for the driving experience.

It is from ordinary car driving course, karting driving experience until supercars driving experience, which all of them are available in the circuit. Experiencing all those services will be suitable for family, from parents until children. Parents can enjoy supercar driving experience, while children can enjoy karting experience.

For Karting Driving experience Wigan in Three Sisters Race circuit is available for children aged from 11 years old and upwards. Children under 11 years old can also enjoy karting, but must with the guidance of their parents. The karting business in this circuit is acquainted with Three Sisters Race Circuit Ltd, while Supercar driving experiences run by Racing School.

The visitor will give unforgettable experience by karting in race circuit. The visitor can also take karting class for their children, which is the basis for Formula 1 competition. The karting activities in this circuit have equipped with safety equipment which prevents the accident during the course.

While for Supercar Driving experience Wigan in Three Sisters Race Circuit, all of supercars type are allowed to be sent in this circuit. Those are like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even one seater car. A visitor who has not licensed can still enjoy this supercar driving experience, as they will guide by an experienced instructor.

A visitor can learn how to drive that high-speed car safely, and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the circuit. For experiencing such services, a visitor can make a book beforehand and look for the available schedule, with the suitable price. It is essential, as this circuit is often used for karting race, and also have fully booked by other visitors.

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