Compare Small SUVs

Compare Small SUVs and Crossovers

Start to compare small SUVs that will fit your compact car requirement. There are several compact small SUVs that available in the market, and you can make a comparison from one brand to other brand or compare with other models from one brand that you desire to buy.

Compare small SUVs: R4V4 vs Honda CR-V

Prepare yourself to start comparing the list that will fix you with the features and fuel efficiency list. The first that needs to examine is 2015 Toyota R4V4 that become the first mini-utes that come on the market and hit with the presence. This car is available for 5b seating passenger capacity and offers 73.4 cubic cargo space.

The engine power comes from 179 hp, 2.5lt four-cylinder engine that put them out of 172lb ft torque and uses six-speed automatic transmission. For the fuel mileage, at front wheel drive of configuration, this SUV earns the 24/31 mpg city/highway that will make you need to sacrifice a couple of mpg if you choose all-wheel drive configuration. Next is Honda CR-V that become the most popular small compact SUV in the market.

It has similar five-passenger seating capacity with R4V4 with smaller cargo capacity in 70.9 cubic feet cargo, but it offers the generous, stylish interior terms in their second and first for more comfortability. The engine comes with four cylinders under the hood that result in good power at 185 hp and fuel efficiency at 27mpg city/34 mpg highway.

Subaru Comparison: Subaru Crosstrek Vs Subaru Forester

It might strange to compare the similar brand to other, but this is very often happening in the showroom. Both of these Subaru offer same price and size to compare. Compare for both types, Subaru Forester has the cargo space and hp benefit with its engine option. The Subaru Forester offers better powerful engine as a Subaru XV crosstrek come with the better fuel efficiency.

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Subaru XV crosstrek offer the aggressive style and suspension system that provide strong and intentional. The fuel mileage from Subaru XV crossrek is 26/34 mpg city/highway. The Subaru Forester present the 24mpg city/32 mpg highway.   Choose which one that will suit your requirement when you need to have fuel efficiency car or with dominant car types.

Affordable Full-size SUVs: 2016 GMC Yukon

Choose 2016 GMC Yukon for your next full-size SUVs consideration list to buy. With the v8 engine turbo, this makes the SUV become the dominant engine option for full-size SUV with other features benefit such as high-end interior, more muscle design, standard six-speed automatic transmission.

The EPA fuel est is in 16/23 mpg city/highway that becomes the average in its class. The interior cabin s features with room and comfortable seating with spacious legroom. The hushed cabin makes the sizeable rear door becomes quickly to get in and out access in the back row seats.

However, this sizeable affordable SUV is not enough to handle the massive cargo because it has less cargo space rather than other rivals. The wireless smartphone charging pad, blind spot monitoring, automatic climate control, and navigation system becomes the most authentic features that benefit from this car.

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