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Best Used Subcompact SUV

Compact SUV is better owned by someone who needs the extra space offered by the SUV car model but can still drive and find parking space easily enough around town. The relatively smaller size of compact SUV, when compared to midsize or sizeable sized SUV, will give to this advantage. Moreover, thin SUV consume less fuel than even the best eight-passenger SUV models, so that is also a plus point. Here are our compact SUV reviews for you.

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson gets the highest overall score when competed against others in its class. The Tucson also considered as one of the most affordable compact SUV that you can buy this year. The car has a roomy cabin, complete with a very straightforward cabin features that will not make you frustrated about how to use the features.

It also has very composed handling, perfect for city drive, and a very smooth powertrain that is very reliable when you have to drive in the long journey out of town. They are also many safety features inside in its cabin, making it safe to drive with your family. The price for this car range from twenty-two thousand up to thirty-one thousand dollars.

Honda CR-V

Many people also recommend the CR-V from Honda as one of the best compact SUV in their compact SUV reviews. The price for this car is also very affordable even though a little bit pricier compared to the Tucson. The sticker price starts from twenty-three thousand up to thirty-two thousand dollars.

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Aside from the spacious front and rear seats, this car has a lot of features installed in the standard trim as well as more than enough cargo room. This car also has an excellent score when it tested for fuel efficiency and car safety.

Porsche Macan

In many compact SUV reviews, it said that Porsche Macan is the best compact SUV in the luxury car category. The sticker price for this car starts from fifty-two thousand and range up to seventy-three thousand dollars. With that much money, you will be able to get this car that has very potent engine options, upscale and sporty cabin, as well as a sports car like handling which will make it very easy to drive around the city. The safety and fuel efficiency score for this car is quite average since this car is built more focused on its drive.

Mercedes Benz GLC-Class

Another compact SUV review on the luxury category is the Mercedes Benz GLC Class. The sticker price for this car is considerably lower compared to the Macan from Porsche. It started from thirty-eight thousand and ranged up to forty thousand dollars due to the slight difference of features in the two trims.

There are many luxurious and convenient features on this cars, as is the standard for all vehicles produced by Mercedes Benz. It also has spacious and comfortable seats, and smooth as well as a hushed ride.

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