Choosing Suzuki Carry for Sale

Suzuki Carry Mini Truck Specifications

Suzuki Carry is a broad term that refers to a series of cars produced by the car manufacturer, Suzuki. The Carry series has provided since 1961 and the last production year for this line of the brand is 2008. However, people are still looking for Suzuki Carry for sale even nowadays. Suzuki produced many Carry with the same specifications between 2003 and 2008, and the cars known by many different names depending on which company distributes them. The types of the vehicle under the Carry models are also various, from lightweight van cars, SUVs, as well as small trucks. The Carry SUVs even dubbed as the best small SUV in its period. Here is some specification on Suzuki Carry.

The Design

Many people are still looking for Suzuki Carry for sale since the designs of these car series are quite compact and can bring a tremendous amount of cargo at maximum safety. The truck series of Suzuki Carry is one of the most popular since its design is quite compact and can be used to manoeuvre through a busy street. However, it is not fair if you compare the model of the truck with today’s LCV that many people are driving nowadays. This small LCV can go through some of the lowest space where any other LCV cannot. The exterior design of many Suzuki Carry is not as elegant as many cars that produced today. However, for those who like a simple and affordable vehicle that you can use to transport you and your cargo around town, this Suzuki Carry series is your first choice.

The Interior

As I said before, Suzuki Carry series is not a luxury car where people will get many sophisticated features that wrapped with modern car design. Similar to the exterior design, the interior of all Suzuki Carry series is straightforward some people will call it Spartan. The Carry truck will dedicate most of its size to the back cabin that left quite a small space at the front that is enough for the driver and one passenger while the van or SUV series can load up seven to six to seven passengers if they are willing to cramp a bit during the journey. The materials used in the Carry series are also quite low in the charts since this car series prefer practicality. The good part is that this series offers very ergonomic dashboard that has plenty of storage space where you can store many tools inside it, and the road visibility is top notch since the windshield is huge.

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The Engines and Transmission

Suzuki Carry series is powered by a one point three petrol engine that can deliver up to seventy sever horsepower. The driver will be at its best when they used for carrying lightweight cargo and very recommended for florist, electricians, or caterers that will surely drive around town to make deliveries and house calls. Even though some people will think that the mid-mounted engine is a bit noisy since the driver is positioned right above it, many people are still looking for Suzuki Carry for sale since it has quite a good acceleration where you have to level up the speed due to traffic.

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