Choosing Cheap Car Batteries

Who Makes The Best Car Battery

When you intend to buy cheap car batteries, you need to look for the best one since it will also benefit your car in the long run. Some department stores are also known to sell many low price car batteries, so it will be easy enough for you to find it. Their things you need to look for to get the battery that fits your car there are different batteries for different compact SUV comparison, for instance. Here are some tips for finding car batteries for you.

Learn the Size of your Car Battery

There are several sizes of car batteries that used different cars. Size 75 used by General Motorcars. Size 65 used in big bodied vehicles manufactured by Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. Size 35 used in the latest cars built by Honda, Nissan, and Toyota. Size 34 used mainly by Chrysler cars and size 34/78 is used in vehicles using two sets of terminals in some Chrysler and General Motorcars. Look up which size of battery car size your car use so that your shopping cheap battery car will be more comfortable.

Look for the Right Car Battery

When looking for cheap car batteries, you need to match its specification with your driving needs. You should also be aware that high temperatures are not very recommended for car batteries since the electrolyte will evaporate more rapidly. If you often made short trips, you should look for cells with long life since it will be much more suitable for your driving style. When you have this driving style but use short battery life, the battery will only last for an extended period since it cannot recharge itself during the short trips.

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Look for the Newest Battery

When shopping cheap car batteries, you need to check the production date of the cells. Make sure that the battery you are going to buy is aged less than six months sitting on the store shelf. You can check the battery production date from the date code stamped on the top corner of the battery. The fresher the car battery you get, it will be less likely for it to break down immediately after you install it to your car.

Ask about CCA and CA

When looking for cheap car batteries, you should also ask about the cold cranking amps or the CCA and the cranking amps or the CA. If you live in a more frozen area, then knowing the information of these two terms will be very useful for you. The CCA indicate the battery’s ability to start your car at zero degrees F or -17 degree C. The CCA scale also inform you how much current it can deliver to your car’s starter. Meanwhile, the CA will tell you how much flow it gives to your vehicle when it is at 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C. Normally the number of the CA is higher than the CCA.

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