Bosch Car Battery Review Benefits and Types

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If you need to replace your old battery, then it is a must for you to read this Bosch car battery review. Shopping for a car battery must not be done carelessly. You must not rely only on the opinion of the sales staffs. Before you head to the store, you must arm yourself with proper knowledge on a car battery. With this experience, you can make the right decision on the car battery you are going to buy. In consequence, you will be able to get a high-quality car battery that suits the power need of your car.

Bosch Car Battery Review: Car Battery Types

Car batteries are available in various types. Sizes differentiate them. It is crucial for you to choose a car battery that fits that can sit securely on the battery space of your car. You will likely get power issue if you do not buy one in the right size. A size 34/78 battery usually used in SUVs, pickup trucks, and sedan. A size 35 car battery mostly used in Japanese cars. A size 65 is used in sports cars and trucks.

Car battery brands do not only provide you with car batteries in different sizes. But they also offer you with several types of battery to meet your power needs. Bosch provides you with four choices of battery types. They are S3, S4, S5, and S6.

The S3 is compatible with smaller vehicles. It is also suitable for older vehicles. The S4 is ideal for favourite cars. It is also compatible with Asian cars. This type of car battery can provide enough power for air conditioning, power windows, and radio. The S5 is a high-quality car battery.  It is perfect for cars with powerful engines. Bosch S6 car battery is leak proof and maintenance free. It is compatible with mid-size vehicles that need 3500 watts or more. It is also suitable for a car that equipped with 100, 90, 88, 74, 66 Ah car battery.

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Bosch Car Battery Benefits

From the official Bosch car battery review, it said that this battery has excellent features that will be very beneficial for car owners. One of them is that it has higher cold cranking power than standard car batteries.

Therefore, it will likely match the cranking cramp of your old battery. It also has 20% to 30% higher service life than the standard ones. In consequence, you do not need to buy the new one shortly. It is thanks to the power frame technology that enables the battery to have the higher starting point and longer lifespan.

Bosch car battery offers you with maximum safety. It has twin backfire protection so that the cell will guard against sparks. A particular type of Bosch car battery equipped with vibration-resistant technology. If you need more information or review on cars about list of sport utility vehicle cars, you can log on to This auto magazine offers you with high quality source of information for every car owner.

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