Bike Racks for SUV Buying Guide

Allen Sports 102DN Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

When it comes to bike racks for SUV, they come in two categories; those that intended for display or storage and those that designed to secure your bikes to transport in your car or even another vehicle. For those who love cycling so much, a bike rack is such an important thing as well.

Meanwhile, the demands of bike racks have grown up tremendously. The bike rack offers brilliant options for storage for sure. The best feature could be the security as it provides a space-saving room that gives you easy access to your bike.

Types of bike racks

In fact, there are two types of bike racks you can consider before installing it on your best SUV mpg
car. Be sure to attach it securely to avoid further risks.

  • Bike racks for storage

Bike racks for storage mean that the bike consists of these following features:

  • Floor standing

If space is not a concern to your bike, then a simple display stand that can secure the steel rear wheel would be the most clear-cut and cheap option in the market. There are some designs for multiple or single bikes.

  • Wall-mounted

It’s such a practical way to maximise space in your small area to get your bike off the floor, use uncomplicated wall-mounted or specially-designed stand.

  • Bike racks for transport

Additionally, there is a tremendous range of transport system and bike racks in the market to suit all budgets, with some distinct categories, towbar-mounted, rear boot racks and roof-mounted are the most common. The ideal bike racks are the ones that can safely carry some bikes you need, and fit them to your vehicle securely, fit your funds and also easy to use.

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Bike Racks for SUV Buying Guide

In general, bike racks for SUV are cheap, but you have to aware of the economic condition for sure. The budget bike racks are always suited to some light uses, that only carry one or two bikes. The price is lower, you may experience ill-fitting hardware, car or bike damages or even unstable system of mounting. Consider these following things to make sure that you choose the best bike racks.

  • Stability

Some designs of bike racks (towbar and roof bike racks) are intrinsically more secure than boot-mounted bike racks. It’s not about a light use of one or two bikes, but consider when you car the weight of four or five bikes you have to make sure that they must be robust.

  • Fuel economy

In fact, some loaded racks can extensively affect your car aerodynamic. The roof racks are considered to cut the efficiency of fuel up to 30%.

  • Price

The boot-mounted bike racks are cheap, but they not considered as the most secure. Towbar-mounted and roof-mounted racks could be a great value if you have some tools to affix them. The cost of decent tow bars or roof bars will be able to increase the price drastically.

  • Safety

Some boot-mounted bike racks when loaded is obscuring the view right from the mirror of rear-view which is apparently not ideal. You have to care about this type of stands especially when reverse it with rear-mounted bike racks for SUV.

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