Best Used SUV Under 20000

Best Used 7 Passenger Vehicles Under 10000

Having best used SUV under 20000 is very advantageous, especially if you already have children. Nevertheless, if your budget is restricted, buying a new one is not a good option. Instead, buying a used SUV could be your best choice. If you don’t have any idea which used SUVs you should buy, we’ve listed top SUVs under $20,000 which comes with the excellent gas mileage you could consider.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer classified into middle size SUV which is reliable. Also, it’s perfect for your small family. Furthermore, it also has a large cabin with attractive interior and exterior. It also puts you forward such an outstanding driving performance as the SUV is equipped with two engines selections V-8 and V-6. This kind of engine can produce more than 292 horsepower. It also has a suitable rating of towing which is similar to the tow rating of the smaller trailer. Surprisingly, it gives you an outstanding off-road adventure especially if you love to experience.

Honda Pilot

Another best used SUV is Honda Pilot. It claimed as one of the most potent SUVs which are available in the SUV market. You will see the boxy and big SUV from the outside. While on the inside, you can see a large cabin which can accommodate up to eight passengers makes it as one of the best 3 row SUV. The vehicle is built based on sedan platform makes it more comfortable than other. One of the most important things is this SUV munch through less fuel as well.

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Toyota RAV4

If you prefer lighter SUV, Toyota RAV4 could be the answer. This best used SUV under 20000 offers comfortable and fun driving experience. Furthermore, the interior is spacious and well-designed. Otherwise, the exterior is somewhat stylish. Nonetheless, the rear door opened toward the sidewalk edge. Also, this SUV prepared with the I-4 engine which can produce 176 horsepower. If your budget is much, you can consider choosing the one with the V-6 engine which can provide 269 power. Moreover, it has twenty-seven mpg on the highway and twenty-one mpg in the city.

The base model of Subaru Forester

If you settle down in urban or rural areas, the Subaru Forester would be an ideal choice. It’s also safe to drive this car when snow falls. It’s all because you can handle the vehicle in any situation like rutted roads and snowdrift easily. Unfortunately, this SUV doesn’t have a large cabin. It is only able to carry five passengers. The base model of this SUV powered with a 2.5-litre engine which can produce up to 173 horsepower. The gas mileage is twenty mpg in the city and twenty-six mpg on the highway.

Nissan Murano

This middle size SUV offer you outstanding features, power and comfort. Furthermore, the engine powered by 3,5 litre of the V-6 engine which can produce up to s40 horsepower. Also, it is also able to tow equal to 3500 lbs trailer makes it as one of the best used SUV under 20000.

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