Most Reliable Used Luxury Cars Under 10000

Best Used SUV Under 10000

If you have a family especially children and limited budget, choosing the best used SUV under 10000 is your best option. But, what does SUV stand for? It stands for Sports Utility Vehicle which is a mix of saloons with a jeep.

The primary development objectives and priorities of SUV are to get the car’s ability to penetrate into various fields, in this case including the off-road terrain so that the construction of the legs is relatively stronger than other urban vehicles.

Well, if you are still confused which one you should buy, the following is a list of the best used SUV under 10000 you can consider.

The best used SUV under 10000: Honda CRV 2007-2012


This CRV type has a pretty significant market share to Honda. This vehicle is made to fulfil the public demand for sports cars from Honda. Therefore, it is understandable that this car is a manifestation of the handsome, elegant, dashing, and sturdy sports car that the public wanted to see.

Based on the existing specification of this car, most models of Honda CRV have gained an increase of the interior performance. It included on the rear seats can be rotated forward or backwards, depending on the situation and passenger’s wishes. It can also accommodate up to five passengers.

Although there will be a bit of dissatisfaction for its interior design, most users admitted satisfied with the cabin. That reason is enough to make this case as one of the best used SUV under 10000.

The best used SUV under 10000: 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

It is a four-door car families oriented. With precise and sharp steering, active fuel management technology engine, and improved safety features than its predecessor make Tahoe as a popular choice among full-size SUVs. Also, this car can carry many passengers, pull heavy trailers, and be able to take control over rugged terrain.

This car can accommodate five up to nine passengers in where two first rows offer flexibility and even the luxury of the seats. If the seats in the second and third row folded, Tahoe provides an extensive cargo space. This one of the best used SUV under 10000 is suitable for those who have a family with children or couples and individuals with an active lifestyle.

The best used SUV under 10000: 2006 Mitsubishi Montero

Not much has changed compared to its predecessor appearance in 2003. The change is only visible on the grille, front and rear ends have a rounded profile, and have a minimal overhang. Montero has entirely independent front and rear suspension, so it can be said to be very suitable for off-road travel.

This car can accommodate up to seven people in which the middle seat can fold, and the rear seats can be folded to extend the cargo.
Montero with a 3.8 liter V-6 produces 215 horsepower. Although it was able to drive in off-road terrain, the car has an old-fashioned feel.

Its big size and excessive noise will not attract buyers who prefer a more modern and smaller SUV.
That is the type of the best used SUV under 10000 that you can choose. Make a comparison of price and specifications of each model before deciding to buy it.

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