Best Used Cars Under 5000

Best Used Cars Under 5000 Dollars

Although people can find various kinds of the brand new car which are very tempting, people should stick to the budget when they want to buy a car. Holding on the budget can be caused by various reasons. People can choose the best-used vehicles under 5000 just because they have limited financial ability for buying a car, but some people consider about the used car purchase because they also want to buy the bike racks for SUV which is not cheap. Here are some great options for used cars under $5,000.

Best Used Cars under 5000: Mazda MX-5 Miata

If people are looking for the sports car under $5,000, there is no question that Mazda MX-5 should include in the best-used vehicles under 5000 list. People will love this sports car because it comes with the road star platform which fun and lightweight. With this price, people will be able to get significant benefits which can make multiple of the original purchase price.

It comes with the four-cylinder engine which can deliver 130-140 horsepower with its 1.8 litres fuel capacity. It also has five speeds manual transmission which can enhance the experience while driving the sports car. For maximising the significant benefit from the price, it is better for people to choose the sports car from 1996-2002 editions.

Best Used Cars under 5000: Toyota Camry

People maybe will not think that Toyota Camry should include in the list of best cars under 5000 from the fun and sublime to the staid and suburban. However, people actually can find the high catch if they can find the right model for this car.

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There must be many kinds of Toyota Camry which can found, but if people want to make the best purchase of the used car, people should consider the fourth generation of this model. The 1996 and 2001 model should regard as because people will get the valuable return for the money.

People can also choose the four-cylinder engine and six-cylinder engine options. People will be able to fund the cabin which comes with more modern features by selecting the Camry from 2002-2006 generations.

Best Used Cars under 5000: Ford Crown Victoria

Another option of the best-used cars under 5000 is Ford Crown Victoria. The vehicle which will offer people with the interior in plus size. The mechanical design of this car can run forever, so people do not have to worry that they will feel out of date when driving this car.

From various versions of this car, people can find the V8 engine with 4.6 litres fuel capacity and 225 horsepower. It means that people should not expect for the impressive fuel economy for the city ride. However, people will find much better gas mileage on the highway.

P71 Police Interceptor model should choose if people want to get the construction which is beefier and a little bit extra performance. It can provide the heavy-duty performance for the price under $5,000.

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