Best Used Cars to Buy in 2016

Mini Clubman S FS1 Top Second Hand Cars to Buy

There are many new cars released this year, and many of them targeted for the middle-upper class of the society, and many of them are SUVs with 3rd row. If you are in need of new car yet cannot afford the newly released cars this year, you can always buy new, used vehicles since there are many used car that still has sound quality that you can buy. Here are some of the used cars that you can buy in 2016 with some of its selling points.

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK is amongst the best-used cars to buy in 2016 since the used car deal you can get is quite good. Jaguar XK is considered one of the best future classic vehicles that combine the best car technology that we have nowadays and combine it with some excellent and timeless properties of many old cars.

With the announcement of the F type from Jaguar, the year of 2014 is the last year for XK type to produce. While the price for the final year is still quite high, you can get the 2013 production of XK at twenty-nine percent less than its original price, and it will save you about twenty-eight thousand dollars.

Mini Cooper

Many people idolised the BMW production, Mini Cooper as one of the best cars to buy since it combines practicality, value, as well as fun either for the driver or the passengers. While this type of car still used and you might think that buying it used is futile, the all-new 2014 production of Mini Cooper is quite good, and it is amongst the best-used cars to buy in 2016. The 2014 version of Mini Cooper is lighter and smaller compared to the later model. The vehicle sold twenty-three percent fewer used, and you can save about nine thousand dollars in your pocket.

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Volvo S80

Volvo S80 first introduced in 1998, a model from Volvo to break its tradition of producing brick shaped cars and finally build a thoroughly modern European sedan. Volvo S80 is known for its elegant design as well as its reputation for the safety of the driver and passengers as well as the value.

People might think that the 2014 version of Volvo S80 is the best to buy used, but it turns out the 2013 production is better even though there is not much improvement and Volvo is sticking with the European sedan persona. The used S80 sold thirty-two percent less, and you can save about fifteen thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Impala

The recent model of Chevrolet Impala has been replacing the Ford Crown Victoria as the all popular sedan cars in America since it is much more straightforward as well as reliable. Many police cars, rental vehicles, as well as the fleet vehicle in America has changed into the ninth generation of Chevrolet Impala. This why the Impala is amongst the best-used cars to buy in 2016. The used 2014 Chevy Impala is sold with thirty-three percent lower, and you can save about ten thousand dollars.

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