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Do not make your best SUV mpg sacrifice your heavy-duty tasks. With the technology advances, you can get vehicles with SUV mpg that not compromise with power sacrifice and even for space option. The list next will give you more opportunity in having SUV that works in power with fuel-efficient and advanced technology that make this vehicles number one in best SUV mpg rank.

Best SUV mpg with Plenty Power Capacity

You can get plenty power capacity with this amazing vehicle that starts from $27.000. The car is 2013 Ford Edge that comes with five-passenger capacity that powered with Ford’s technology improvement of EcoBoost technology. This car built with a combination of turbocharger and direct injection gasoline that improved fuel economy into 20% up without sacrificing the power of vehicles.

Ford Edge with 2.0lt EcoBoost technology advanced with four-cylinder engine produces less hp into 245 hp rather than 285 hp and 305 hp in a previous traditional engine, but this offer you substantial torque with  3.5lt V6 in 270 ft.  This car featured with WiFi voice-activated, text to voice capability and voice activation navigation. The blind spot alert system, 32.cubic cargo feet space and roll stability control become features added to this vehicle.

Children Friendly SUV with the third row

If you have children passenger and looking for children friendly SUV, the 2015 Dodge Journey is the best option for you. The vehicles that not only offer you SUV with third-row seating but also integrated child seat option that becomes extraordinary features in its mid-size class.

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Although the third-row seat is optional features, this option combines with sliding elements in the second row that makes this open up leg room for children passenger gear riding.  This mid-size SUV also has an excellent hauling capacity that up to 68 cubic feet gear. From the engine, the Dodge Journey hood with 2.4lt of 4 cylinders and 177 horsepower. The upgraded vehicle is available for a driver who desires for an all-wheel-drive option with 3.4 lt with V6 drive trains and results in more power in 283 horsepower.

Full-Size 3Row Luxury Interior

For a driver who is looking for luxury full-size SUV with additional third-row seating, this 2015 Infinity QX60 is the best option that offers large interior room capacity.  For adults’ passenger, they will be a pleasure with interior from Infinity QX60, with the number of comfort and safety features offers. The Infinity QX60 powered with 3.5lt with V6 drive train and power tune up which provides 265 horsepower and highway mpg at 25.

All-wheel drive option is the best option for you who are looking for looking for best SUV mpg with third-row capacity.  You can find SUV that best rate in mpg and save your gas consumption in full range option, start from affordable one with standard until the high luxury end. The key for you to consider which the best SUV mpg is for you based on your daily driver requirement and cargo storage space if you are looking for family vehicles.

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