Best SUV Gas Mileage

Lexus NX Best Fuel Economy Cars

Find the best SUV gas mileage that suits your requirement. The vehicle that has a high rank of gas mileage means that you can save your gas consumption and avoid the high gas monthly bill. If you want to save your gas use, you can use these useful tips. The first tips are by driving efficiently, keeping your vehicles in its original shape, always plan and combine trip, and choose the most efficient best SUV gas mileage.

Best SUV Gas Mileage Tips

There are extensive ranges of best SUV gas mileage that available in the market. Many of gas mileage vehicles come from hybrid or an electric one, but sometimes this will make you need to sacrifice for speed and other standard feature such as convenient, cost on budget and many more. Therefore, choose the best vehicles that suit your requirement are essential for you. Read the owner manual books that will lead you to operate best and maintain your cars so you can maximise the fuel economy, battery life and driving range.

Some vehicles also include an economy mode that features and signal with maximum vehicles fuel economy. Avoid hard braking by having moderate stop and anticipate in gently brake that allows vehicles regenerative and recover energy and store the electricity. Hard braking will lead car using conventional brakes in friction that not recover engine energy. Use accessories in your vehicle wisely because some accessories such as heating, entertainment, and air conditioning affect fuel economy system and more significant effects for hybrid and electric.

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Best SUV Gas Mileage Crossover: Lexus NX 300 Hybrid

The crossover is the best option for urban and suburban streets because these car offer versatility and companions accommodating. The Lexus NX300 hybrid is the first option that recommended for a combination with best SUV mileage. The base 4-door SUV features with 2.5lt in 4 cylinders and Hybrid CVT automatic. As the best SUV crossover mileage, these vehicles show fuel economy at 35/31mpg city/highway. The feature includes the Bluetooth connectivity and head seats. The front wheel drive train in 5 total seating makes this car perfect for a driver who is looking for compact, midsize SUV.

Best fuel economy SUV: Electric Version

As SUV become the first option for the most popular market, the best fuel economy SUV is another consideration to pick up, the pure electric version from Toyota RAV4 that combines the SUV space design with the performance of sports speed that not require much gas consumption is the best rank. The electric motor produces the 154 hp rather than 176 hp in the gasoline model.

However, the RAV4 performance comes from 273 ft pound torque that provides further improved performance. The standard feature from 2013 Toyota RAV4 come into five seats in two rows and cargo cabin in 36.4 cubic feet in back of rear seat. It has six airbags, stability, traction control, dual zone climate control, back camera that integrate well, remote keyless entry, power door locks and hands-free phone capability for ease communication access.


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