Best SUV 2010 to Buy

2010 SUVs with 3rd Row Seating

Five-passenger SUV is amongst the most popular cars to buy nowadays. However, since many people think that the newest SUV models are still quite not affordable for them, they choose to buy used cars so that they can get a good car at a more affordable price.

Amongst the many used car category, the best SUV 2010 to buy is amongst the most popular type since there are also quite a lot of good SUV cars to be produced that year. Here are some of the best SUV built in 2010 that you can buy.

Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza is amongst the best SUV 2010 that you can consider buying. This car is one of the top choices of the most affordable midsize SUV produced in 2010. The average price for a used Toyota Venza is between sixteen up to nineteen thousand dollars.

This midsize SUV is amongst the favourite because of its roomier cabin compared to some other cars in its class. Moreover, this car also packed quite a lot of standard features so you will not miss too much when your budget can only afford the standard model.

Buick Enclave

The 2010 production of Buick Enclave is our second recommendation for the best SUV 2010 to buy. The average used price for this car is about eighteen up to twenty-four thousand dollars. The same with the Venza, this car is also equipped with many upscale standard features.

Besides, this midsize SUV also offers many safety measurements that will ensure the safety of those riding it. The inside of this car also provides quite a lot of space so that long journeys will be more bearable and enjoyable.

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Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano is our next recommendation in the best SUV 2010 to buy for you. Nissan Murano is considered to be the sportier SUV in its class, and it is fun to drive. The average cost to buy a used Murano is between eighteen up to twenty-two thousand dollars.

Aside from being sporty, the interior design of this car is designed attractively and very high quality. Moreover, the back seat of this car is quite spacious, ensuring the comfort of the passengers sitting at the back. The safety score for this car is also quite high, making it one of the safest midsize SUV to drive around.

Ford Edge

Another one of the most affordable and the best SUV 2010 recommendation is the 2010 Ford Edge. The 2010 production of this car brand undergoes quite a lot of improvements such as the fuel economy, and this is the last year of Ford Edge before it got a significant refresh in the next year.

This car is notable for its smooth ride and comfortable cabin. It is also very reliable when you have to drive it through steep road, and it also has a good safety score. The average price paid for the user is about thirteen up to twenty-two thousand dollars.

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