Best Seven Passenger Vehicles

Most Reliable 3rd Row SUV

Rather than the elegant sedan or the powerful sports cars, some people prefer to have seven passenger vehicles since they are more convenient and reliable for the everyday life. Seven-seat cars such as a van or an SUV can carry more people and have more cargo ace and payload so that for those who have a big family having a minivan or an SUV is more beneficial. Here are some of the best SUV with seven passengers that you can consider buying.

Acura MDX

Many experts have dubbed Acura MDX as the best seven-passenger vehicle that you can buy. Since it had many improvements in 2014, the car is considered as one of the best luxury crossovers and become very popular. The production this year does not have that many changes which are a right decision since many consumers have little to complain about the 2014 production. This car is powered by a V6 engine that can produce up to 290 horsepower and choose between the front wheel or all-wheel drive. The fuel efficiency score is also quite high, reaching the 20/29 mpg when tested.

Toyota Highlander

If you want seven passenger vehicles that are more affordable than the Acura MDX, you can choose to buy Toyota Highlander instead. Even though the hybrid production of this car cost quite the same with MDX, the price engine production of this car started from only about twenty-nine thousand dollars and ranged up to forty-nine thousand dollars. There are three options of the engine that you can choose from, a 2.7 litre 4 cylinder engine that can produce 185 horsepower, a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can provide 270 power, and the 3.5-litre V6 hybrid engine that can produce 280 horsepower.

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Honda Odyssey

If you prefer a minivan rather than an SUV, the Honda Odyssey should be your top choice. When tested for safety, reliability, and consumer satisfaction tests this car received high marks. According to the consumer satisfaction result, Honda Odyssey is one of the most fun to drive in the minivan class and with its flexible seating arrangement, it is easy to bring different configuration of cargo and people. This minivan powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can produce up to 248 horsepower. The MSRP for this car starts from about twenty-eight thousand dollars.


Many dubbed the BMW X5 as the right luxury seven-passenger vehicles since, as you might have guessed, this car equipped with the most luxurious features you can find in a car. The third generation of the X5 built for those prefers luxury rides rather than sporty rides.

Not only that the X5 provides plenty of room for both the passenger and the cargo associated with them, but there are also many luxurious and sophisticated features that embedded in its body. This midsize SUV is powered by a standard six-cylinder turbocharged engine and an optional of an eight-cylinder turbocharged engine.

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