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Jaguarpolaris One Seater Sports Car

Some people prefer a big seven-seater car or something like the best SUV 2010 so that they can bring their family along in their journeys while others prefer a small city car so that they can navigate around the city they live in comfortably without too much of a hassle.

Today, people are entertaining the idea of one seater car usually associated with racing cars to adapted into a one-man city car. It can only carry one person, the driver, without any passenger seats found inside the vehicle. Here are some on person car that rumoured to produce soon.

Colibri Electric Car

Colibri was introduced to the public around two years ago in 2013. The car is said to produce in the 201r. It is a one seater car that will make driving it around the city a lot more fun. This car is planned to be inspired by those who participated in a car-sharing program. The member of this program can easily access one of Colibri through the apps from their smartphones. The administration of this program will be able to add or delete people from the list quickly.

Volkswagen Nils

Volkswagen produces another one seat car from Germany. The Volkswagen Nils first introduced in 2011. This car creates a great hype since people who commute from home to work inside the city needs a small yet fast vehicle like Nils.

Nils favoured due to its small built, and with its lithium-ion battery motor that can save up to 15 kWh, it can move up to 130 miles per hour. The Nils is designed to be small and light, only about 460 kilograms. Despite being small and light, this car still equipped with today’s car safety standard that will ensure the safety of its ride.

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Lamborghini Egoista

Lamborghini Egoista is a luxury car introduced by Lamborghini back in 2013. Similar to other sports and luxury cars by Lamborghini, Egoista also exquisite yet a sporty exterior design that is unique to Lamborghini cars. It also equipped with many luxurious features that will make the driver enjoy more driving this one-seater car. What makes this car all the more special is what is under its hood. This car equipped with 5.2 litres V10 engine that can produce up to 600 horsepower and has maximum speed about two hundred miles per hour.

Renault Twizy

Another one seater car that can drive around the city is the Twizy by Renault. People often wonder where they can park their cars when they are making around the town and Twizy comes to the rescue since it can be stationed practically anywhere due to its small size.

Aside from its small size, Twizy also packed with many sophisticated features that many modern cars nowadays are using. It also filled with safety measurements that will ensure the driver’s safety, and it also has a 180-litre cargo space with 75 kilograms of payload.

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