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Small SUV with Best Gas Mileage

If you are looking for the best mileage SUV that can vigorous your whole family, then you do not need to get jammed on SUV fuel economy. As an alternative, you could choose one out of seven grand SUV alternatives that each of them puts forward so much better gas mileage that most SUVs has. Listed below are some SUVs with grand gas mileage inside. Check them out!

Ford Flex

If you are searching for a vehicle with 7 seater SUV, Ford Flex could be a great choice. Even though the body style is a little bit unorthodox, it makes it more charming. It also has outstanding cargo capacity with the boxy look which is measured in at 83,2 cu feet with the rear seats are down and more than twenty cu feet behind the typical third row. The price of this SUV is around $30,000. The series are divided into two like the Flex and the Expedition. The Flex comes with twenty five mpg on the highway and eighteen mpg in the city. On the other hand, the Flex comes at twenty mpg both on the highway and in the city which is equipped with 287 horsepower engine with 3.5 liter capacity.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul presents more funky style as well as affordable prices which starts from $16,000. The vehicle is also equipped with large cargo with 62 cu feet where the seats are down, which is a bit smaller than Honda CR-V or Ford Escape. It also has benefits such as fuel economy which is able to stand on thirty mpg on the highway and twenty four mpg in the city. The lack of this vehicle could be the unavailability of all-wheel drive as well.

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Scion XB

On the other hand, Scion XB could be a good choice on the best mileage SUV especially if you prefer more compact SUV with cheaper price. The prices start from $18,000 which is cheaper than Toyota RA V4 or Honda CR-V with $24,500 and $24,000 respectively. Moreover, it puts forward the similar cargo space with 70 cu feet. The fuel economy ratings of the XB are twenty eight mpg on the highway and twenty two mpg in the city. Unfortunately, this vehicle is not equipped with all-wheel drive which is difficult to drive when snowy.

Subaru Outback

The new design of brand new Subaru Outback is the latest version of famous wagon that has been the top selling SUV more than a decade. The vehicle is outfitted with ample passenger room along with large cargo area, the Subaru Outback has similar dimension with the middle size SUV in term of interior space. It also brags all-wheel drive in standard mechanism, thanks to its gravity lower center. The lowest price of this vehicle is around $26,000 cheaper than other similar SUVs. However, the best feature of this best mileage SUV is the fuel economy along with agency of environmental protection approximates four-cylinder with thirty three mpg on the highway and twenty five mpg in the city.

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