Best Gas Mileage SUV

X3 SUV With 3rd Row Seating and Best Gas Mileage

Best Gas Mileage SUV can found in some sources. SUV becomes one of the favourite car’s types that is chosen by so many people in the world. SUV is the perfect choice for all of you who want to bring more people with this car. Some manufacturers offer you SUV, and not all SUVs provided to you in excellent condition.

That is why searching information first before you buy a new car is significant. If you are looking for some cars that made with better gas mileage, you don’t need to worry. It is time for you to read all information below carefully and you will get what you need.

Best Gas Mileage SUV-Dodge Durango

First, of best gas mileage, SUV that you can choose is Dodge Durango 2015. This car made with best gas mileage, and some standard features added to this car. You can find better engine system too in this car. This car built with 3.6L and V6 engine system that will be able to produce at least 290 hp.

There is the 8-speed automatic transmission that offered to you in this car, and there is 4-wheel anti-lock brake as a safety feature of this car. You still can find some other safety features in this car such as driver nee airbags, overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, cruise control, electronic stability and so many features.

Best Gas Mileage SUV- Mercedes Benz

Next best gas mileage SUV that you can choose is Mercedes Benz GL Class. This car made with some features such as BlueTec technology. There are 3.0L and V6 engine system that will be able to produce at least 240 Hp. There is 7-speed automatic transmission system that offered to you.

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You can also get some safety features in this car such as airbags in each of rows, overhead airbag, side seat mounted, antilock brake, driver knee airbag and some other features. The exterior and interior of this car are also great, and you are free to choose the colour that you want for this car.

Best Gas Mileage SUV- Land Rover Discovery Sport

The other best car with best gas mileage is Land Rover Discovery Sport. This vehicle made with 2.0L and I-4 engine system. By using this engine system, this car can produce at least 240 Hp. There is the 9-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and some other safety features to protect and make you feel comfortable when you drive this car.

You still can find some other cars such as Nissan Pathfinder that is offered with best gas mileage too. This vehicle provides you 3.5L with V6 engine system. You can find better safety features that added to this car so you don’t need to worry about an accident because you can reduce risk because of a crash when you drive this vehicle.

You can find high technology information and entertainment system too in this car that will make you free from boring when you drive this car to all places that you want. After you know more about some best gas mileage SUV options above, you need to choose one that is fit with your demand or your need. You can also compare with some other SUV with 3rd-row possibilities to get the best one.


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