Best Fuel Economy SUV

What is the Best SUV on Gas

There must be various considerations which will make when people are looking for the best personal car which can be the best transportation support for them. Many people consider the budget for sure. It is not only about the price of the car but also about the fuel cost. Fuel cost has a strong association with fuel efficiency and here are some best fuel economy SUV which people can choose after all.

Best Fuel Economy SUV: Lexus NX 300h AWD

The all-new NX becomes the representation that Lexus enters the growing market of compact luxury SUV. Customers can choose between the hybrid engine or turbocharged powertrain. Nevertheless, when people are talking about the fuel efficiency support, the hybrid version must be included in the list of the best fuel economy SUV. There are some great features which can found from this car after all including the engine which is supported by electric and gas power. It is driving the front wheels. Meanwhile, the rear wheels powered by the electric motor for providing additional traction. The new design of Lexus NX comes with the sporty handling. More importantly, it comes with fuel economy which is impressive.

Best Fuel Economy SUV: Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid

The very first hybrid vehicle which introduced to the US market by Subaru. It has the gas-only version, but if people are looking for more power, there is a bit which offered by the hybrid version of this SUV. However, people will not find a significant difference in performance between both versions because of the hybrid version weighs about 400 pounds more than the gas-only version. One thing for sure, people can include this car on the list of best fuel economy SUV because it rated at 30 mpg for city ride meanwhile the gas version at 26 mpg.

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Best Fuel Economy SUV: BMW X3 xDrive 28d

SUV should be the vehicle which is made for utility. However, when people are talking about the BMW SUV, they will find more sports side in the car. One thing for sure, people will not be disappointed with the new X3 which is diesel powered. Twin turbo engine can deliver 180 horsepower. It comes with 280 pounds-feet of torque, and it means that people will experience speedy feel off the line. It has an automatic transmission with eight speeds, and this must be the reason why included in the list of the best fuel economy SUV.

Best Fuel Economy SUV: Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD

People can look for SUV with third-row seating, but it is necessary for making sure that it comes with fuel efficiency. The hybrid version of Toyota Highlander offered with all new models for 2015. There is no question that this SUV should be included in the best fuel economy SUV list and more importantly, it offers the space for seven passengers. The extra load can handle by this hybrid car, and it can deliver 280 horsepower performance.

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