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Nowadays compact SUVs are getting more and more popular since they are not as big as the full sized SUVs yet give the same dominant performance and durability. There are also many best compact SUV to buy appearing both in automotive magazines as well as the internet websites. In this occasion, we will also list the top compact SUV that you can purchase and we hope we can solve the indecisiveness you have about buying small SUV.

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson is amongst the top list of the best compact SUV that you can buy this year. This categorisation based on the excellent quality of the standard and additional design of Tucson. Hyundai Tucson is also known for its smooth powertrain and composed handling, making trips w8th your family very enjoyable.

The safety of the Tucson series from Hyundai is also superb; you will not have to be worried when having a journey with your entire family on board. The compact SUV sold started on twenty-two thousand dollars up to thirty one thousand, all up to the additional features you choose.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is in the second place of our best compact SUV to buy list since regarding safety; it does not as safe as the Tucson but still safer compared to some of the other SUV sold in the market. Aside from the excellent safety features or CR-V, this compact SUV also has spacious front and rear seats so that it will be perfect to bring in long journeys.

The standard function of CR-V is also abundant, so even though your budget is not enough to buy the full version, you can still buy the standard edition without having to miss too much. For those who need more extensive cargo space, Honda CR-V is the answer to all your problems since this compact SUV also equipped with larger cargo space.

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Nissan Rogue

Another best compact SUV that you can consider buying is the Nissan Rogue. If you are a fan of cars that has excellent fuel economy and can give more cargo space to haul your things, then Nissan Rouge is the answer. This vehicle recommended since it needs less fuel to burn in each mile that you travel and for those who love family going and in need of bigger cargo space.

The design of the car’s body is also very stylish, and the cabin also equipped with many sophisticated features that can entertain the passengers during a long drive. In fact, many people are attracted to the interior design of Nissan Rouge they ended up buying the car.

Mazda CX-5

The last car in our best compact SUV to buy list is the Mazda CX-5. This compact SUV is ranked quite high by many professional and is considered to be one of the most fun to drive small SUV due to its athletic handling. For those who prefer simple interior design, this compact SUV also offers exquisite, yet straightforward cabin interior and the technologies embedded in the cabin is also quite stra8ghtforward. You should also consider buying CX-5 due to its fuel efficiency that can compare with other cars in its class.

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