Best 7 Seater Cars to Buy

Seat Alhambra 7 Passenger SUV List

Seven seated SUV cars are trendy for people who love to camp in the camping ground in their weekends, especially those who have a big family since all the cargo space will be needed to carry the associated luggage they bring. The best seven seater cars are also known as the best towing cars to pull up additional towed cargo whenever you go camping, shopping, or moving house.

Seven seater SUV is also a very excellent choice if you want a ride that not only has enough space to carry all your family members but also for a sleek and sophisticated with smooth ride and handling. Here are some of the best seven seater cars that we suggest you consider buying.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Our first recommendation of the best seven seater cars is the Hyundai Santa Fe. Far has the overall packaging that you can consider as your first choice of your SUV ride. This vehicle equipped with 2.2-liter engine as well as a six-speed auto transmission that will make the trip and handling of this car quite smooth. Hyundai Santa Fe has a towing limit of two tons the exterior, and interior design of this SUV car is quite sleek, and it also equipped with many luxurious features that will make your ride enjoyable.

Toyota Kluger

Toyota Kluger is our second recommendation of the best seven seater cars for you. The price for the fully equipped Toyota Kluger is a lot higher compared to Hyundai Santa Fe, around sixty-four thousand dollars where Santa Fe is only about fifty-three thousand dollars. This car fitted with a reliable 3.5-liter V6 engine that combined with a six-speed auto transmission. The exterior design of this car is quite sleek and yet still look quite sturdy.

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If you are looking for another best seven seater cars with many luxurious features, you can opt to buy the third generation of BMW X5. This third generation of X5 is more luxurious and less sporty compared to the previous generation. The price for this car starts from around fifty-three thousand dollars. X5 equipped with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine as the standard and an eight cylinder engine in many of its additional features. There are also many luxurious features that you can choose from the many versions that you can choose to suit your need.

Audi Q7

Our last recommendation of the best seven seater cars is the Audi Q7.  The base price for the standard version of this car is about forty-eight thousand dollars with many improvements and additional features that you can choose in the other version of this vehicle to suit your needs and budget more. The best thing ab9ut the Q7 is that it is very smooth and rides like a car and you will also grace with elegant interior with many high-quality materials that will make your ride more comfortable.

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