Best 7 Seat SUV to Buy

Kia Sorento Cheapest 7 Passenger Vehicles

Having a large family means you need to have a car big enough to carry all your family members around, especially if you love going out with your family on every chance you get. SUV cars could be your main priority to buy when you have a big family.

Some of the best seven-seat SUV to buy will give you great deals on value for money as well as the many other features that you can get. However, there are also some best used SUV to buy since the first-hand price of that car is quite high. Here are some of the best seven-seat SUV that you should consider buying.

Kia Sorento

The first one in our list of the best seven-seat SUV to buy is Kia Sorento. We all know that Kia Sorento has been one of the best seller cars in last few years this is without baseless assessment. There are many features and safety measurements that you can get buy buying Kia Sorento.

In fact, the score of its safety tests is one of the highest scores in its class. It is also considered one of the best affordable midsize SUV that you can buy with base price started from twenty-four thousand dollars and ranged up to forty-three thousand dollars.

Honda Pilot

The cars produced by Honda is always one of the best car around that you can buy. One of the best Honda cars is the Honda Pilot, a midsize best seven-seat SUV that you can buy. This car equipped with many useful features such as a spacious third-row cabin, much in-cabin storage space that will get very useful later, as well as very luxurious interior design. The base car for this Honda Pilot is a bit more expensive than Kia Sorento, about twenty-nine thousand dollars ad ranged up to forty-six thousand dollars.

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Dodge Durango

There is not much that changed in the newest production of Dodge Durango compared to the previous year. The car is still reliable, still affordable, and even one of the best seven-seat SUV that you can buy. With is poised handling and responsive transmission, this car sold with a base price of around thirty thousand dollars with a forty-three thousand dollars topline. Moreover, this car is equipped with easy to use infotainment system that will make your journey more enjoyable.

GMC Yukon

The last in our list of the best seven-seat SUV is GMC Yukon. This car is admittedly the priciest car in this list since the base price of this car started from forty-three thousand dollars and ranged up to seventy thousand dollars. However, Yukon is still quite affordable compared to another vehicle in its class since it also equipped with many features including safety measurements and entertainment system. This car also equipped with an entirely potent powertrain as well as composed handling.

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